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Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin Sues To Restore Medication Abortion In The State

photo courtesy of Franco Folini via Flickr

A new lawsuit challenges Wisconsin Act 217, a law designed to regulate the use of RU-486 out of existence.


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Oklahoma State Supreme Court Rules Two Anti-Choice Bills Unconstitutional

Photo: Huffington Post.

The Oklahoma State Supreme Court today struck down two state laws used by the anti-choice movement as model legislation across the country.

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Eight Clinics, One Plane, and a Vast Number Of Reasons It’s So Difficult to Get an Abortion In Alaska

Photo: Airwaysmag.com.

Even for a woman with means, in a state as large as Alaska, an abortion is nearly impossible to access. But it doesn’t have to be.

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Political Interference is Bad Medicine and a Bad Prescription for Women’s Health

Even with recent gains and electoral wins, there is a concentrated effort to limit women’s access to a full range of reproductive health services, including medical abortion.

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Divided Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Ohio Law Restricting RU-486

photo courtsey of Seattle Municiple Archives

On Tuesday a federal appeallate court ruled Ohio’s regulation of RU-486 was constitutional, setting the case up for Supreme Court review.

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As Access to Safe Abortion Care Diminishes in Arizona, Rural Women Face Growing Hurdles

Cathi Herrod. Photo: MyGay.Net.

Now that only doctors can perform abortions, rural women in the state have very limited options.

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Indiana Right to Life Seeks to Eliminate Access to Safe, Early Medication Abortion

Photo: Think Progress.

The group is claiming that a Lafayette clinic is violating law by providing medication abortions without licensing their clinic as a surgical abortion center.

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It Is Now Impossible To Get A Medication Abortion In Wisconsin

Act 217 has caused the state’s only other medication abortion provider to also stop offering RU-486 abortions.

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In Key Victory, Oklahoma State Judge Finds Arbitrary Restrictions on Medication Abortion Unconstitutional

District Judge Donald Worthington. [img src]

In what is being called an unprecedented ruling recognizing bodily integrity and reproductive choice as fundamental rights under the Oklahoma state constitution, an Oklahoma state judge has found that a law restricting medical care for women seeking an abortion is unconstitutional and cannot be enforced.

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Does Facebook have an Anti-Choice Agenda? Censorship of Information on Misoprostol Raises Questions

Facebook has deleted an image from the page of Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, a well-known abortion rights activist and the Director of Women on Waves – a charitable organization focused on women’s health and human rights. The image consisted of text instructions of how to safely induce an abortion using medication.

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