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House Republicans Slip Anti-Choice Measure Into Appropriations Bill

Charman Hal Rogers

When legislators want to avoid a fight on a controversial measure, they’ll often bury it the kind of bill where you would least expect to find it. That’s what happened in the U.S. House Wednesday morning.

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Who Really Controls Rick Perry and David Dewhurst?

Governor Rick Perry (left) and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst.

Most Texans don’t want a special session to pass anti-choice legislation. So why are Rick Perry and David Dewhurst pushing for it? Because the religious right controls the Republican primary system, and ultimately owns the politicians who come out of it.

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A Gosnell Amendment? Jennifer Rubin Plays Doctor and Legislator—and Fails

A flurry of legal activity over state level abortion restrictions occupied much of the federal court's attention last week.

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin used the Gosnell trial to suggest several ways to further diminish access to safe, legal abortion care in the United States through what she calls a “Gosnell amendment.” She has no idea what she is talking about.

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Anti-Choice Groups in Ohio Locked in Power Struggle Over Heartbeat Bans, Medicaid, and Money

Anti-choicers in Clifton, Ohio.

Ohio Pro-Life Action (OPLA) and Cincinnati Right to Life (CRTL) are trying to drive Ohio Right to Life out of existence in a power struggle over Medicaid expansion, heartbeat bans, and… donor funding. 

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Poll: African Americans Support Insurance Coverage for Abortion Care

A nationally-representative poll shows that African Americans overwhelmingly support keeping abortion legal and believe that women in our community should be able to get it safely when they need it.

A nationally-representative poll found that African Americans overwhelmingly support keeping abortion legal and believe that women in our community should have access to safe abortion care when they need it.

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Advocates Go to Court to Protect Medicaid Funding of Abortion Care in Minnesota

Signs from the Minnesotans Unite Against the War on Women Rally in St. Paul last April.

As a judge considers whether to dismiss a lawsuit challenging Medicaid coverage of abortions, the Center for Reproductive Rights steps in to help with the fight.

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Medicaid Coverage for Abortion Care Elusive Even in States Where It Is Legal


Requiring Medicaid coverage of abortion is a far cry from guaranteeing that people can access an abortion when they need one.

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Arizona Federal District Court Blocks Efforts to Defund Planned Parenthood


A federal district court in Arizona made it official this week and entered a permanent injunction that blocks a law designed to strip Planned Parenthood clinics in the state of funds by banning Medicaid funding for non-abortion health care provided by doctors and clinics that also perform abortions.

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Another Year, Another Effort to Redefine “Medically-Necessary” Abortion Care in Alaska

Alaska State Capitol building.

The poor women of Alaska may be in for a drastic change when it comes to using Medicaid to pay for medically necessary abortions or abortions after a sexual assault.

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Roe at Forty: Today in Texas, it is Yesterday

Texans rally at the state capitol to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. (NARAL Pro-Choice Texas)

What does a future without Roe v. Wade look like? In a lot of ways, it looks like Texas, where those who are in the least ideal financial and socio-economic position to provide for an unplanned-for child are the ones for whom abortion–and contraception–is hardest to access.

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