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Ohio Legislators Propose 48-Hour Waiting Period, Kasich Considers Anti-Choice Budget Amendments

Abortion doesn't cause breast cancer, but that's not going to stop Ohio anti-choicers from claiming it does as just one of the assaults on medical best practices contained in HB 200.

Ohio legislators are proposing extreme abortion restrictions, even as amendments tacked onto the state budget are under consideration by the house and the senate.

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Wisconsin Plays Catch Up With Abortion Restrictions and CPC Funding

AB 252 would require fetal remains to be handled through "burial, interment, entombment, cremation, incineration, or delivery to a medical or dental school anatomy department as an anatomical gift." But the bill's sponsor says telling patients about this process would place an "undue burden" on them.

Anti-choice lawmakers in Wisconsin, nearly done tussling over the yearly budget, are now turning their attention back to reproductive rights restrictions.

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Kentucky House Committee Strikes Down Six Anti-Choice Bills

After what feels like years on the defensive, reproductive rights advocates pushed ahead with proposed federal protections for reproductive rights.

While many legislatures are moving full steam ahead to pass abortion restrictions, Kentucky is knocking down anti-choice bills.

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New Virginia Dept Of Health Releases “Free Forced Ultrasound” List Still Includes Unregulated and Unaccountable CPCs

Screenshot from "A Virginia Guide to Family Planning, Genetics and Social Services."

The state has corrected their list of clinics that provide “free ultrasounds” that women can visit before an abortion, but they still are all crisis pregnancy centers.

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Oklahoma AG Officially Appeals Ultrasound Ruling

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt speaking at a news conference. [img src]

The state attorney general is arguing that mandatory ultrasounds are “ensuring women receive meaningful medical information.”

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NOW Protests Virginia Ultrasound Bill With Tubes of Lube

[img src]

The Charlottesville branch of the group protested the bill’s requirement with nearly 1000 tubes of lube.

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Rhode Island Ultrasound Bill Countered With “Keep The State Out Of Pregnancy” Bill

Rep. Edith H. Ajello. [img src]

In an attempt to battle anti-abortion restrictions, a committee chairwoman introduces a bill of her own.

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