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‘Forward Together, Not One Step Back’: Moral March Brings Out Tens of Thousands of Progressives

North Carolina NAACP President William Barber delivering the keynote speech at Saturday's Moral March.

The crowd, and the speakers, reflected a commitment to environmental and economic justice, to labor rights and immigrants’ rights, to public education. One hand-made sign summed up the spirit of the march: “I stand with so many groups here, I couldn’t pick just one.”

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Why I’m Proud To Be an LGBT Teen in Illinois

Even with all that's left to accomplish, I'm proud to reside in the land of Lincoln.

Even with all that’s left to accomplish, I’m proud to reside in the land of Lincoln.

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Why Is the Employment Non-Discrimination Act Important? Can’t LGBT People Just Hide Their Identities?

The seemingly non-controversial bill got derailed earlier this month when state legislators approved an amendment preventing local governments from passing new work leave policies.

The thing to focus on as we consider and debate the Employment Non-Discrimination Act with lawmakers, family, and friends is whether or not people should be fired just for being who they are.

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Memo to the Washington Post: If Seeing an Interracial Couple Makes You Gag, You Don’t Have a ‘Conventional View’

New York City Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray.

Actually, 87 percent of Americans think interracial marriage is just fine.

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“Coming Out” on Abortion: Who Wins?

[img src]

The current buzz within the abortion rights movement seems to be that we need to take a lesson from the gay rights movement – that people need to start “coming out” with their abortion stories. But we should remember with all of the culture change that the LGBTQ community has seen, stigma and violence are still perpetrated every day.

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Justice Department Report Calls Louisiana’s “Crime Against Nature” Law Discriminatory

A US Justice Department investigation specifically mentioned Louisiana’s Crime Against Nature law, calling it “a statute whose history reflects anti-LGBT sentiment.

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Roundup: Taking Care of Business Can Lead to Positive Social Change

Businesses are asked to help protect women around the world from violence, and workers believe their employers should offer equal benefits to same-sex partners. Plus, HIV tests at the DMV.

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One Lesbian Mother’s Hard-Fought Custody Case is a Victory for All

Thank you, Karen Atala. For years to come, lesbian and gay parents throughout the Americas will have you to thank for the seven-year fight you have waged to have your daughters returned to you.

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