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Special Invitation to Reproductive Law and Policy 101: A Training for Law Students

If you are a current law student working in Washington, DC this summer, don’t miss out on this excellent professional development and networking opportunity – register for the training today!

Presentation topics will include:

  • Reproductive Health on the Hill: What’s Happening and What You Can Do
  • Abortion Case Law: Past, Present, and Future
  • Reproductive Health Care and the New Health Care Law
  • What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Religious Restrictions on Access to Reproductive Health Care
  • Career Panel: Jobs in Reproductive Law and Policy
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Calling All Law Students

The legal field, even within public interest law, and even within a subset of public interest law like reproductive rights, can be overwhelming.  For non-lawyers, it can be hard to figure out where the law fits into your overall vision and strategy.  But for lawyers, especially us young lawyers, it’s no less confusing; it’s hard to figure out where you as an individual fit into the social movements around you.  To help current law students in this process, the National Women’s Law Center and Law Students for Reproductive Justice are teaming up for our annual training for law students on June 11th.

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National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW) – Contest Winners Selected

NAPW has selected the winners of its first law student writing contest on the topic of challenging denial of vaginal delivery to women with a prior cesarean surgery.

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