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Davis vs. Goliath: What Followed Wendy Davis’ Bid for Texas Governor

Davis, her arms outstretched, frozen in a pose that, on reflection, doesn’t so much say “I love y’all!” as it does Come at me, bro.

In four months, Texans are guaranteed to elect a new governor for the first time in 14 years, and Davis’ battle stance is appropo: She’s been under attack from naysayers, pundits, and even members of her own party since before she announced her candidacy for Texas governor back in October.

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The Story of HB 2: How Multiple Failed Bills Became One Bad Law

While HB 2 leapt to national attention with Davis’s filibuster in June, our research shows that the road to HB 2 actually began long before the 83rd legislative session was called to order.

Until now, attempts to track the legislative journey that ultimately led to the passage of one of the most restrictive anti-choice laws in the country would have been a daunting task. With the launch of RH Reality Check’s interactive database, however, a picture of the long road to HB 2 begins to emerge.

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‘Very Serious’ Game Asks Users to Navigate Barriers to Abortion in Texas

Character sketch by Grace Jennings, who will illustrate characters in Choice: Texas.

Choice: Texas is a new interactive fiction project that asks players to navigate the many (and growing) barriers to abortion access in the Lone Star State.

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Texas Crisis Pregnancy Center Expects Influx of New ‘Opportunities for Ministry’

Texas state Sen. Bob Deuell (R-Greenville, pictured above) said in March: "This bill is not intended to decrease abortions or to close any clinic that does abortions."

A Houston crisis pregnancy center’s director says she expects an “inevitable influx of clients” after the passage of HB 2, which will shut down the vast majority of legal abortion clinics in Texas. But that’s precisely what the bill’s proponents said would never happen.

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Is the Future for Texas Blue?

wendy davis closeup

“What happens next?” That’s the question on Texan lips this week as we watch Gov. Rick Perry sign an omnibus anti-abortion bill into law. My answer? Much.

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‘The Blood of Texas Women Is on Your Hands': Gov. Perry Signs Texas Omnibus Anti-Abortion Bill

"Protestors sing 'we're not gonna take it' after Governor Perry signed HB 2 into law.

Flanked by anti-choice legislators, Republican Gov. Rick Perry held a public ceremony at the state capitol building Thursday to sign HB 2 while pro-choice protesters in the rotunda chanted and held signs.

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Texas ALEC Chair Files ‘Preborn Pain Act,’ as Promised by Rick Perry

Texas capitol building.

This morning, ALEC-affiliated Texas State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg (R-Parker) filed the state legislature’s first attempt to ban abortions after 20 weeks—the so-called Preborn Pain Act.

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