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‘Philomena’ Reminds Us That the ‘Baby Scoop Era’ Affected Millions

Philomena Lee, the namesake character of the Oscar-nominated film Philomena (starring Judi Dench, above).

The Oscar-nominated film Philomena tells the tale of an Irish Catholic mother separated from her son by one of Ireland’s infamous 20th century Magdalene Laundries. But this adoption system wasn’t limited to mid-century Ireland; there are millions of Philomenas out there.

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‘Philomena,’ A Must-See Film About the Magdalene Laundries and Forced Adoptions

Philomena is another reminder of the vast inequalities between those who adopt children and birth mothers.

Philomena is another reminder of the vast inequalities between those who adopt children and birth mothers.

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More Bad News on Russian Adoptions Predicted After Another Adoptee Death

U.S. Navy Lt.j.g. Jessica Gandy distributes brownies to Russian children living in Cape of Turtle orphanage, located in Salograd, Russia.

Three-year-old Russian adoptee Maxim Kuzmin’s death has been ruled accidental. Still, there may be more bad news to come on the Russian adoption front.

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Russian Ban on Inter-Country Adoptions to the United States is a Child Rights Issue

Photo: NPR.

Anyone who follows inter-country adoption and its dramatic decline since 2004 can see that Russia’s ban on inter-country adoptions to the United States is the final slamming of a door that has been slowly closing for a number of years.

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Child Abduction for Adoption: Poverty and Privilege Clash as a Child’s Return to Guatemala is Blocked

Loyda Rodriguez.

Being one of many stories of force, fraud, and coercion, Loyda’s case is particularly compelling because all of the steps in the legal system have been followed. Still, there has been no justice.

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The Deeply Troubled Past and Present of Inter-country Adoptions from Nations in Conflict and Chaos

Stories abound of children stolen from their families in countries of conflict and chaos. Beware of countries with a history of atrocities and don’t become complicit: The “blinders” are quite profound once you enter the adoption process and become committed to a child.

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Court Orders U.S. Mother Must Provide Child Support for Abandoned Russian Adoptee. Start of a Trend?

This past week Torry Hansen was ordered, by a Tennessee judge to pay $150,000 child support for her adopted son, whom she returned to Russia by plane, unaccompanied. 

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The Lie We Love

We all know the story of international adoption: Millions of infants and toddlers have been abandoned or orphaned. If they are lucky, adoring new moms and dads from faraway lands whisk them away for a chance at a better life. Unfortunately, this story is largely fiction.

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