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Did an Indian Diplomat in the United States Mistreat Her Domestic Worker?

Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade.

At issue is a divide between the nations about how domestic workers ought to be treated.

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Don’t Use India’s Missing Girls to Deny Women Reproductive Rights

Stopping gender-biased sex selection is about promoting the rights and worth of girls and women.

Gender-biased sex selection is a cultural practice driven precisely by devaluing and discrimination of women. Stopping it, therefore, is not about denying individual women their “choice.” It is about promoting the rights and worth of girls and women.

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How Labor Movements Around the World Are Interconnected

An international convention on domestic workers' rights is going into effect, just as labor organizing is picking up steam in the United States and abroad.

An international convention on domestic workers’ rights is going into effect, just as labor organizing is picking up steam in the United States and abroad.

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Confronting Abortion Stigma


Abortion stigma is a form of gender discrimination and punishment, and it represents social control of both women who need abortions and providers who provide them.

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Can We Pass CEDAW?


We find that ratification of CEDAW leads to real, concrete changes in the lives of women and girls. Yet, inconceivably, the United States is one of only seven countries that has yet to ratify CEDAW, keeping company with the likes of Iran and Somalia. But the moment is upon us. 

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You Can’t Have it Both Ways: The Interpretation of Catholic Health Policy and the Consequences for Pregnant Women

(Reuters via Lawyer Herald)

As a committee of the Irish Parliament considers proposals to offer limited legal abortion in Ireland, this paper explores how these issues came together around Savita Halappanavar’s death, the interpretation of Catholic health policy and the consequences for pregnant women.

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In India and Elsewhere, Laws Without Accountability Won’t End Gender Violence or Bring Justice to Its Victims

Bus in New Delhi. (nraja.freeservers.com)

The death from gang rape of a 23-year-old student has turned a spotlight on India’s gender norms. In response, Human Rights Watch has come out with a series of policy recommendations for India. But without effective enforcement, these laws won’t even move the needle on acts of violence against women.

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Global AIDS Policy: Still Rife With Stigma and Discrimination

If we are fighting HIV, we need to join hands no matter whether we are straight, gay, sex workers, whatever…but with no discrimination. This is high time we tell the US government they should respect all human rights – whether you are a sex worker, straight, gay, disabled. We are all equal.

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Our Current Approach to Sex Work: Flawed Laws, Flawed Policies, and Flawed Programs Will Not Right Our Wrongs

May 2012 sex worker protest in Satara, India. Vidya Kulkarni.

Freedom from abuse and violence is a human right that we will continue to fight for at every forum, including the Sex Worker Freedom Festival, which is on at Kolkata at the same time as the International AIDS Conference takes place in Washington DC.

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Global Roundup: UN Reports on Global Maternal Health; Zambian Constitution Faces Conflicting Reproductive Health Rig

Weekly global roundup: United Nations report on global maternal health yields mixed results; South Asian teen girls still marrying at high rates; Zambia sees conflict over various articles on reproductive rights in new constitution draft; Indonesia continues to struggle with reproductive and sexual health as they face growing rates of HIV infection.

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