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Forty Years After Roe, “Choice” No Longer Means Much in Michigan

Protesters outside the Michigan Capitol in June. (Rick Pluta/Michigan Public Radio Network)

The meaning of “choice” here in Michigan—as in many other states in the country—has eroded a great deal since that day 40 years ago when the Roe decision was handed down. How did we end up here? And more importantly, how do we move forward?

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Resolution 1635-A: The Full Text of the New York City Bill Commemorating Roe at 40

(NARAL Pro-Choice New York/flickr)

The following full text of the New York City Council Committee on Women’s Issues’ Resolution 1635-A.

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Resolution 1635-A: A Progressive Action That Meets the Real Needs of American Women and Families

Andrea's original testimony document. (NARAL Pro-Choice New York/flickr)

This resolution epitomizes the kind of bold, forward-thinking action that cities and municipalities across the country can and do take to meet the real needs of women and families.

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In New York City, Medicaid Coverage of Abortion Doesn’t Cut It

Alison Turkos (center) at the Resolution 1635-A hearing on January 18th. (NARAL Pro-Choice New York/flickr)

We are privileged to live in a state where we have Medicaid coverage of abortion, but we know that is not enough.

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Advocating for Safe Abortion Care: Why Passing New York City’s Resolution 1635A is So Important

Audience at the Council hearing on January 18th. (NARAL Pro-Choice New York/flickr)

Each woman should have coverage for the full range of reproductive health care, regardless of how her insurance is paid for, to ensure that she has the means to access safe medical care from a trained provider.

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Forcing Rape Victims to Give Birth? New Mexico Has a Novel Approach

New Mexico State Legislator Cathrynn Brown. (Alamy via Huffington Post)

What if we made fetuses evidence and said abortion would “destroy” it? It’s illogical in every way.

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With Helms and Hyde, No Roe Anniversary for Low-Income Women

After 40 years, isn’t it time that our policies reflect real women and real families?

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Anti-Choice Plan for 2013 Clarified on Roe Anniversary: End All Rape Exceptions

Rebecca Kiessling. (The Clarion Call)

Pregnant from your rapist? Too bad. Have that baby anyway.

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Shaheen Amendment Moving Forward in Congress

Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D - NH)

Just a few more votes and women in the military may finally have the same access to abortion that other women with federal health care plans are supposed to have.

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What’s on Your Reproductive Justice Agenda?

Part of my reproductive justice agenda is to overturn Hyde. But the anniversary also made me think about all the other things that I want when it comes to repro justice. Here’s a partial list.

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