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For 37 Years, Reproductive Rights Have Been Unaffordable for Women of Color

The federal Health Equity and Access Under the Law for Immigrant Women and Families Act would lift current barriers lawful immigrants face in accessing affordable health insurance.

On the 37th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment, we call on our elected officials to remove restrictions on abortion coverage and help finally fulfill the promise of Roe for women of color.

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Millennials Are Fighting to Overturn the Hyde Amendment

Monday marks the 37th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment. Unfortunately, this ongoing legislation is nothing to celebrate.

For those of you who think Millennials are too young, entitled, and/or privileged to understand the impact of restrictions on access to affordable reproductive health care, please indulge me as I attempt to set the record straight.

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Branstad to Approve Medicaid Abortion Cases Individually, Says He’ll Be ‘Thoughtful’

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad.

Iowa’s anti-choice Republican governor announced Friday that he expects to sign the state’s budget into law, including a new rule that will give him complete control over federal Medicaid funding for the roughly two dozen Medicaid-eligible abortions that are performed in the state each year.

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A Gosnell Amendment? Jennifer Rubin Plays Doctor and Legislator—and Fails

A flurry of legal activity over state level abortion restrictions occupied much of the federal court's attention last week.

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin used the Gosnell trial to suggest several ways to further diminish access to safe, legal abortion care in the United States through what she calls a “Gosnell amendment.” She has no idea what she is talking about.

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D.C. Budget Autonomy Passes, What’s Next for Abortion Funding Remains Unclear

The House of Representatives is expected Thursday to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act Thursday—the 37th time the Republican-dominated body has voted to defund, repeal, or otherwise dismantle the law.

Now that the voters have spoken, what’s going to happen next?

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DC Budget Autonomy Vote Today, Abortion Funding at Stake

US capitol building

The vote could affect a longstanding match of abortion funding Ping-Pong between local residents and the federal government.

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Media Silence on Gosnell? Let’s Talk About the Women of Color Without Decent Health Care

A hospital buy-out means that Green Bay's only abortion clinic—one of five in the whole state—will no longer be allowed to provide abortion care.

As a resident of Philadelphia and an abortion provider, I can tell you that the Gosnell case has gotten media coverage. But no one is talking about poor, under-insured, and under-served women.

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Why Did They Seek Abortions There? How Abortion Bans Threaten Women’s Lives

Such obstacles — legal and financial barriers, social stigma or language barriers — do not affect all women equally.

Around the world — even here in Pennsylvania — women face obstacles to legitimate medical care, including preventive services like contraception, prenatal care and safe abortion care. However, such obstacles — legal and financial barriers, social stigma or language barriers — do not affect all women equally.

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It’s Time to Take Back the Conversation on Reproductive Health

It is time for us to give the media something to talk about on our terms, something that supports an expansion of pregnancy-related care rather than a restriction.

If we want all people to have access to care across the United States, we must create newsworthy initiatives calling for an expansion rather than a retraction of coverage, and we must call upon our elected representatives to do the same.

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Medicaid Coverage for Abortion Care Elusive Even in States Where It Is Legal


Requiring Medicaid coverage of abortion is a far cry from guaranteeing that people can access an abortion when they need one.

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