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The Obama Administration’s Plan B Folly

Why does the Obama administration insist on keeping up this pointless fight?

Continuing to fight science and common sense on Plan B isn’t serving anyone’s interests. Pro-choicers are mad, anti-choicers aren’t placated, and women are hurt in the process. So why does the Obama administration insist on keeping up this pointless fight?

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In EC Case, U.S. District Court Judge Rejects FDA’s Request for More Time

A federal court judge Friday refused to grant an extension of time to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in a long-running case concerning access to emergency contraception.

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The Top 11 Zingers From the Emergency Contraception Decision

A federal judge blasts the Obama administration on emergency contraception, and the battle over Arkansas' 12-week abortion ban heats up.

The judgment is littered with scathing descriptions of bad faith, politically-motivated maneuvering, and unbelievable wastes of time and taxpayers’ money as well as jaw-dropping legal mistakes—all of which go well beyond the language one expects to find in typical legal opinions.

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Hold On to Your Birth Control! ACLU Forecasts Big Year Ahead for Reproductive Rights

(IllustrationThinks via CNN)

Don’t expect legislators opposed to reproductive rights to tread lightly in 2013 just because voters made it clear extreme approaches to health care aren’t popular, warned the American Civil Liberties Union in a media conference call Tuesday.

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Emergency Contraception Should Be Available Over The Counter. And You Can Make That Happen

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Last week, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists called for access to emergency contraception over-the-counter. We need to send a clear signal to Secretary Sebelius that women’s reproductive health and medical science should be the driving force behind public policy. Sign the petition being launched by a broad coalition of medical professionals and advocates today urging Secretary Sebelius to revisit the evidence and remove the restrictions.

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DOJ Makes The Case For Dismissing Hobby Lobby Suit Against Birth Control Benefit

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Can a for-profit secular corporation exercise religious rights? Hobby Lobby thinks so.

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Vajazzling for Jesus: Hobby Lobby Aims a Glue Gun at the Birth Control Benefit

Barbara and David Green, the founders of Hobby Lobby, have filed suit over the Affordable Care Act birth control benefit, claiming it infringes on the religious freedom of a company they say was built on Christian values, though the company’s health insurance policies have to date covered birth control.

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Battle Over Planned Parenthood Funding in Indiana May Be First Test of Coercion Theory from ACA Decision

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The federal government squares off with Indiana over Planned Parenthood funding as conservatives feel emboldened thanks to the health care reform ruling.

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He-Men, Virginity Pledges, and Bridal Dreams: Obama Administration Quietly Endorses Dangerous Ab-Only Curriculum

Thirty years of public health science clearly demonstrates that providing young people with information about the health benefits of both abstinence and contraception and condoms, does not cause young people to initiate sex earlier or have sex more often. Abstinence-only-until marriage programs leave young people unprepared. They are unethical.

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HHS vs. Texas: The Spending Clause In Action

It is incredibly frustrating that the very women the federal Medicaid law is intended to protect are the ones who are hurt the most, but those sanctions are the only tool HHS has at its disposal to enforce the law.

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