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North Dakota Heartbeat Ban: Will the Governor Sign? And Does it Matter?

North Carolina Governor Jack Dalrymple

The governor of North Dakota has three days to sign a heartbeat ban into law, but that might not matter. Even among anti-choice legal experts, it’s a given that the bill won’t ever stop anyone from getting an abortion.

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Gov. Beebe Vetoes Unconstitutional Heartbeat Abortion Ban, Will Legislature Override Again?

Governor Mike Beebe.

The governor has used the same argument to veto the even more restrictive 12-week ban. Will the legislature override him anyway?

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Arkansas Heartbeat Ban Likely to Pass, Even Without Governor’s Support

Senator Jason Rapert.

Rapert knows his heartbeat ban is constitutionally sound. He just can’t tell you who told him so.

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North Dakota House Passes Ban on Gender or Genetic Abnormalities, Heartbeat Ban

Rep. Kylie Oversen.

While parts of the country were being blanketed by snow this weekend, the North Dakota legislature kept right on plowing ahead through a massive list of abortion bans and restrictions.

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Arkansas Heartbeat Ban Passes Senate Committee

Lori Williams, Little Rock Family Planning nurse practitioner, testifies against the bill. (John Lyon/AR News Bureau)

A combination of bills would leave effectively no options for women in the state.

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Wyoming Legislature Will See Heartbeat Ban, Potential Ultrasound Bill in 2013

(CBS 5)

Wyoming is usually known for its desire to see less government. That doesn’t count when it comes to anti-abortion legislation.

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Mississipi to Bring Back “Heartbeat Ban” this Legislative Session and Personhood in 2014

Governor Phil Bryant. (Urban Christian News)

If Mississippi’s only clinic does manage to stay open it may not matter, since abortion might be banned all together anyway.

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Ohio GOP Leader Promises Heartbeat Ban Will Be Back in 2013

House Speaker Bill Batchelder. Photo: blog.cleveland.com.

The Ohio legislature hasn’t even sworn in yet and its new Speaker is already promising to bring up the Heartbeat Ban.

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Ohio Heartbeat Bill Dead (Again) for 2012

Current Speaker of the Senate Tom Niehaus. Photo: Cleveland.com.

Once more, the bill has been shelved, making it the third and final time in a year.

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ELECTION 2012: Despite National Election Victories, All’s Not Well In Ohio

Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo via The Daily Beast.

Despite being the state that tipped Obama over the top in electoral votes, reproductive rights in Ohio may be in more danger than ever before.

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