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With Muskegon Clinic Closure, Access to Abortion In Michigan Just Got Harder

(Wood TV 8)

A break in and subsequent set of violations has shut down one of the few Michigan clinics outside the larger metro areas.

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Michigan Governor Synder Signs Abortion Superbill into Law

Gov. Snyder holds news conference in Lansing, Michigan on 12/11. Photo: Rebecca Cook/Reuters via Yahoo! News.

Despite public outcry, the massive omnibus anti-abortion superbill will now become law.

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Synder Vetos Gun Bill. Will Omnibus Anti-Choice Bill Be Next?

Governor Rick Snyder. Photo: Detroit Free Press.

The Republican governor may be hoping to revamp his image as one of the most unpopular governors in the country.

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Michigan Politician on H.B. 5711: “This Isn’t about Protecting Women, It’s about Protecting Fetuses!”

Senator Howard Wagner. Photo: World News Inc.

Is that what his one paragraph bill summary told him?

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Rep Silenced For Vagina Comment Now Performing Vagina Monologue

Lisa Brown. [orgnl img src]

Brown may have been silenced in the capitol, but now she’s taken her voice to the capitol steps in protest.

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