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Hunger Strike at Texas Detention Center Swells Into the Hundreds (Updated)

Cristina Parker, immigration programs director for Grassroots Leadership, speaking at a rally to end family detention on May 2 in Dilley, Texas

The strike at a Texas immigrant detention facility has swelled to almost 500 since last Wednesday, according to Grassroots Leadership, an organization that forms part of a larger umbrella group known as Texans United for Families.

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How Empathy Brings Us Closer to a Radical Definition of Family

As we approach mother’s day, I’m thinking about my mom and the women from Guatemala and the millions of other mothers who are undermined because of inhumane policies and practices.

As we approach Mother’s Day, I’m thinking about my mom and the women from Guatemala who cared for me when I was young and the millions of other mothers who are undermined because of inhumane policies and practices.

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With True Courage: Rape Survivors Testify Against Ex-Dictator of Guatemala

Sadly the beautiful landscape of Guatemala has an ugly history of rape.

Today, in post-conflict Guatemala, there is a war against women. At least two women die daily as a result of femicide, and the crime often includes torture and rape.

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Child Abduction for Adoption: Poverty and Privilege Clash as a Child’s Return to Guatemala is Blocked

Loyda Rodriguez.

Being one of many stories of force, fraud, and coercion, Loyda’s case is particularly compelling because all of the steps in the legal system have been followed. Still, there has been no justice.

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Court Orders U.S. Mother Must Provide Child Support for Abandoned Russian Adoptee. Start of a Trend?

This past week Torry Hansen was ordered, by a Tennessee judge to pay $150,000 child support for her adopted son, whom she returned to Russia by plane, unaccompanied. 

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Global Roundup: Teen Pregnancy Rising in Guatemala; Canada Legalizes Brothels

Photo: Generando

Weekly global roundup: Understanding rape in the Congo; Mobile phones prevent maternal deaths in Kenya; Ontario puts safeguards in place for sex workers; Teen pregnancy rises swiftly in Guatemala.

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Championing the Power of Youth Advocacy in Guatemala

Adolescent fertility rates in Latin America and the Caribbean surpass the world average, and more than 1 in 3 women in the region give birth before the age of 20. In rural areas, the adolescent birth rate is even higher. Peer education is one strategy for reaching large numbers of youth in rural areas.

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Child Abduction for Adoption and the Tangled Web of Deceit in Guatemala: A Review of Erin Siegal’s “Finding Fernanda”

Fernanda Alvaro.

Because much of my research has focused on reforming intercountry adoption and most especially Guatemala, I opened Siegal’s “Finding Fernanda” cautiously. By the end of this captivating read, it is impossible to see Alvarado as anything but a strong and resilient woman who is determined to fight circumstances of poverty and oppression.

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The Courage of Human Rights Defenders: Women Protesting Violence Are Often Met With Violence

There are so many courageous women around the world engaged in peace work at all levels, including protest. But they are often met with violence, rape, or torture.

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Surrogacy in Guatemala: The Need for Further Discourse

Since the publication of my original article on surrogacy in Guatemala, a number of people have thanked me for exploring global surrogacy. But the director of one adoption agency requested a retraction of the story.  More on that here.

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