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State Documents Reveal No Proof of Harm to Women in Texas Abortion Services

Texas Gov. Rick Perry signs HB 2 on July 18, 2013.

The documents, which were requested by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce in May, show that the state already had one of the nation’s most proactive and aggressive systems to police abortion services and ensure that facilities were complying with those rules.

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Who Really Controls Rick Perry and David Dewhurst?

Governor Rick Perry (left) and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst.

Most Texans don’t want a special session to pass anti-choice legislation. So why are Rick Perry and David Dewhurst pushing for it? Because the religious right controls the Republican primary system, and ultimately owns the politicians who come out of it.

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Rick Perry Calls Second Special Session for Round Two of Abortion Bill Fight

After Sen. Wendy Davis' epic filibuster ran out the clock on the Texas Legislature's first special session on Tuesday, Governor Rick Perry (above) has called a second special session, calling legislators back to the capitol to continue his dogged fight to decimate access to safe, legal abortion in Texas.

Republican Gov. Rick Perry has called a second special session, calling legislators back to the capitol to continue his dogged fight to decimate access to safe, legal abortion in Texas.

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“Nothing Changes” for Fifty Thousand Texans Forced to Find New Health Care Providers, Says State Attorney

Photo: The Austin Chronicle.

As any woman knows, finding the right gynecologist is no small feat–but finding the “right” gynecologist is taking on a new meaning in Texas, where reproductive health providers must now show that their politics don’t clash with those of conservative lawmakers if they want to continue to see patients in the Texas Women’s Health Program.

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Rick Perry: Legislature Will Work Out Punishment for Women Seeking Later Abortions Under Proposed Ban

Photo: rt.com.

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s office says it will rely on lawmakers to determine the appropriate punishment for women who seek abortions after 20 weeks if the state succeeds in banning such procedures. Who might these criminals be? Mothers. College students. High schoolers. Domestic violence victims.

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Appeals Court Refusal Will Leave 50,000 Women in Texas Without Care

A federal appeals court, on which sits a judge that Rush Limbaugh counts on his “team,” has refused to re-hear arguments against Texas’ barring of Planned Parenthood from participation in its Women’s Health Program.

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Rick Perry: Ideological Crisis Pregnancy Center Is the Future of the Texas Women’s Health Program

Rick Perry helped cut the ribbon to open a Houston CPC this week. Emily Deprang

On Tuesday, Texas Governor Rick Perry stopped by to lend a little good-old-boy masculinity to the opening of a branch of Houston’s The Source For Women, a crisis pregnancy center that Perry touted as the future of Texas’ new Women’s Health Program–a program explicitly designed and intended to serve women who are not, and don’t want to be, pregnant.

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Texas Governor Rick Perry Uses “National Day Of Prayer” To Attack President On Abortion

Source: The Texas Observer

While Perry prays for the president, who will pray for all of the poor and uninsured losing access to health care?

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It Is Time to Chase the Monsters from Our Bedrooms for Once and for All

Last night I had a nightmare and awoke to a realization.  The time has come for us to band together to chase the monsters from our nation’s bedrooms for once and for all.

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Sex Ed in Texas? Perry’s Policies Result in High Rates of Teen Pregnancy and Disease

New research out of the University of Texas, Houston, confirms that young people in Texas are more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors than their peers nationwide.  And, the researchers suggest that the state’s conservative policies policies around sexuality education and reproductive heath are to blame. 

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