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How New York’s Governor Is Playing Politics With Women’s Equality

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

In the wake of the recent announcement that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is creating an entirely new party devoted to “women’s equality,” some women’s rights supporters have wondered if the move is truly evidence of his dedication to their cause.

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New York Reproductive Health Act Blocked in Senate Committee

The New York State Assembly Chamber

A key piece of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Agenda failed to pass a senate committee vote Tuesday. The Women’s Reproductive Health Act, which would have expanded access to abortion care in the state, was blocked by Republicans and seems unlikely to pass the legislature this session.

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New York State Assembly Passes Women’s Equality Act

The New York State Assembly chamber.

The ten-point agenda would codify a woman’s right to choose an abortion, attempt to reduce gender-based pay discrimination, and strengthen protections for survivors of abuse.

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Operation Save America Headed to Rochester This Summer

Operation Save America’s 2013 plans include a week of protests in Rochester, New York.

OSA and its allies are using their bully pulpit to denounce both New York Gov. Cuomo and the Reproductive Health Act that’s been proposed in the state.

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Cuomo Says He Wants to Pass the Reproductive Health Act. But Does He Really Mean It?

Governor Cuomo gives his 2013 State of the State address.

In his State of the State speech in January, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made passing the Women’s Equality Act a centerpiece of his agenda for this year, including legislation protecting women’s rights to safe abortion care. But his political allegiances make the fate of the bill unclear. Does he really support it, or is he trying to play both ends?

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