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State Courts in Crisis Thanks to Big Money Donors

Among the bills recently introduced are HB 1132 and SB 638, which would raise the cap on total tax credits for contributions to all CPCs in the state from $2 million to $2.5 million.

Two new reports on state court elections show the damaging role outside money plays in local judicial elections.

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Pro-Life Wisconsin: Walker Victory Shows “‘War on Women’ Is As Phony as it Sounds”

[orgnl img src]

The extreme anti-choice organization does a victory lap after the governor avoids being recalled.

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Wisconsin Votes Today: Walker Likely Winner – 9:00 P.M. Central

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Want to know what’s happening in Wisconsin? Check here all day for the latest news!

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Walker’s Record on Social Policy Reveals a Governor Not Terribly Concerned About the Kinds of Violence He Now Decries

Scott Walker decries abortion and violence against children, but his budget prorities have included deep cuts in services for violence prevention, child security, reproductive health, and women’s rights.

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With Two Days Until Recall, Dead Baby Commercials And a Possible Indictment

Criminologist In Scott Walker Ad Says Governor 'Misrepresented' His Views. [img src]

The recall election is Tuesday, and the last minute attacks are flying.

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