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Colorado ‘Personhood’ Backer Denies Saying Measure ‘Could Criminalize Women’

A leading supporter of Colorado’s personhood amendment disputes a FOX News story reporting that she believes the amendment could make criminals of women.

A leading supporter of Colorado’s “personhood” amendment disputes a Fox News story reporting that she believes the amendment could make criminals of women.

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Report: Fox News Underreported Sexual Assault in the Military


While Fox News has devoted extensive airtime to pushing scandals that have since begun to fall apart, it has largely ignored new allegations of sexual assault in the military.

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ELECTION 2012: The Night the Right-Wing Media’s Bubble Burst

The refusal to face facts that the conservative media showed in Election 2012 is nothing new to advocates of reproductive rights, who have the numbers and facts on our side.

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Fox News Complains Because DNC Rejected Gift Baskets From Group Affiliated With Operation Rescue

Photo: Mediaite.

The outlet claims that “Charlotte 714″ is just a “group of churches” without mention of the people behind it, Operation Rescue, a domestic anti-choice terrorist group.

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Where’s Your Shame, Woman?! Fundamentalist Pastor Takes to YouTube to Fault Women for All Social Ills

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. [img src]

Popular conservative Christian pastor says “America is over” because shameless women who have sex and vote are running wild and screwing everything up.

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WI Senator Says Unplanned Pregnancies Are The ‘Woman’s Choice’

State Senator Glenn Grothman (R-WI)

Radio host, Rush Limbaugh, seems to be monopolizing the ire of women these days now that less well-known misogynists are operating under the radar. Wisconsin Republican state Senator, Glenn Grothman, for example.

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Mike Huckabee to Premiere an Anti-Choice “Documentary” on Wednesday in Iowa, Courtesy of Citizens United

Mike Huckabee cannot resist the presidential stage even though he chose not to run this year to maintain his FOX News contract. Next month he brings an anti-choice propaganda documentary to 2012 election central.

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Of Hamsters and Boys: New Study About Teen Sex Isn’t About Teens At All

[img src]

Headlines about a new study seem to suggest that the research found a connection between teen sex and brain development.  It did, just not in humans. 

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Letter to the Editor: Refuting Marcotte

Amanda’s Marcotte’s piece “Refuting Powers: Many Obstacles to Contraceptive Access”  claimed that I wrote in a recent column that “contraception…may in fact cause abortion.”  This is quite a doozy.

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Roundup: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Today is about false claims. From Colorado to Wisconsin to Nebraska to Michigan, everyone has something to complain about. Plus a mini roundup on climate change, Fox News-style!

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