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Bei Bei Shuai Jury Selection Set for Late August

Bei Bei Shuai

Despite having no evidence that Shuai murdered her child, the prosecution is still making moves to put her on trial.

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Will Bei Bei Shuai Ever Get a Trial?

law and justice scale in empty courtroom

It’s already been nearly two and a half years since Shuai was charged, and now her trial may be delayed even longer.

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Murder Charges May Be Dropped Against Bei Bei Shuai

(Mike Corbin/WIBC.com photo)

Without a usable pathology report, the charges no longer stand up to scrutiny.

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Hope Ankrom and Amanda Kimbrough: Victims of Alabama’s Personhood Agenda

Amanda Kimbrough. (123 People)

I have grown to hate the term “judicial activism” because it is frequently used by conservatives to criticize court decisions they simply don’t like. Still, there are few alternative phrases that accurately describe the Alabama Supreme Court’s decision in the consolidated cases of Amanda Kimbrough and Hope Ankrom, two women who were swept up in the Alabama judiciary’s zeal to promote an anti-choice personhood agenda by redefining the word “child” in Alabama’s chemical endangerment statute, so that it now applies to pregnant women who uses any amount of controlled substances, whether prescribed by a doctor or not.

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Montana “Fetal Homicide” Bill Latest that Could Turn Pregnant Women Into Murderers

(MA Catholic Conference)

H.B. very clearly defines an unborn child as beginning at the moment of conception.

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Bei Bei Shuai Rejects Plea Deal: She “Wants To Clear Her Name”

Attorney Linda Pence (left) and Bei Bei Shuai. WISH Photo.

The Indiana woman accused of killing her fetus by ingesting rat poison has rejected the state’s offer to let her plea down to feticide from murder.

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Bei Bei Shuai: Out on Bail, But Far From Free

[img src]

Bei Bei Shuai was released on bail today after more than a year in an Indianapolis jail for being so depressed during pregnancy that she attempted suicide. She survived the suicide attempt but lost her baby — and her ordeal is not over yet.

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Pregnancy Depression Is Real, And Women Like Me and Bei Bei Shuai Need Help, Not Jail

If not for the intervention of my own doctor, I could have been Christine Taylor or, even more frightening, Bei Bei Shuai.

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“Feticide” Adds Up to 20 Years On a Murder Charge

Image Source

An Indiana man is looking at an extended prison sentence due to murdering his pregnant wife.

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Is Locking Up Pregnant Women the New Cure for State Financial Woes and Mental Health Problems?

Lawmakers in Alabama and Indiana are moving to arrest and incarcerate pregnant women with mental illness and drug addiction, and charge them with harming their fetus.  National Advocates for Pregnant Women is working to defend the basic rights of pregnant women suffering from mental illness, severe depression, or any other health problem to be treated like other human beings experiencing the same problems.

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