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Former ALEC Task Force Member Files Companion ‘Preborn Pain’ Bill In Texas Senate

Texas capitol building.

Following on the heels of a House member, a second Texas legislator with ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council files a companion bill to the state’s proposed 20-week abortion ban.

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Georgia Follows Virginia’s Lead, Plans to Try to Repeal 22-Week Gestation Ban

Georgia Senator Nan Orrock, left (with Rep.Virgil Fludd). (World News, Inc.)

The much maligned and now court embroiled so-called “fetal pain” ban in Georgia probably won’t be overturned, but Democrats will give it a try.

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Rick Perry: “Make Abortion at Any Stage a Thing of the Past”

Gov. Rick Perry addresses a news conference at The Source for Women in Houston on Tuesday, 12/11. Photo: AP.

Like all anti-abortion politicians, the claim of “fetal pain” is really an excuse to end abortion all together.

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The So-Called Personhood and Fetal Pain Bans, and the Race to the Supreme Court Steps

photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Personhood measures are billed as the most direct threat to Roe v. Wade, but it is the 20 week bans we need to pay the most attention to.

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Virginia Lawmakers Put 20-Week Abortion Ban on Hold

Tarina Keene. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia/flickr.

Citing “constitutional issues,” the bill has been tabled for now.

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Who Is James Teilborg?

Judge James Teilborg.

The New Republic has a fascinating article about the man who may change the course of a woman’s right to choose.

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Lee Wants to Protect Computers and Fetuses by Throwing D.C. Abortion Ban on Cybersecurity Bill

Utah Sen. Mike Lee. Politico

If you can’t pass a bill yourself, there’s always something else you can tag it on to.

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Center For Reproductive Rights, ACLU File Suit Against Arizona 20-Week Gestation Ban

Janet Crepps. FirstPost.

The two groups are challenging the country’s most restrictive so-called “fetal pain” ban yet.

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Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton to House GOP: Stop Bullying D.C. Women With Your Far Right Views

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton

As the House Judiciary Committee prepares to mark up the D.C. 20-week abortion ban, the District’s sole representative tells the GOP to stop using the women of the city as their pawns.

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Idaho Trial Over “Unlawful Abortion” Could Have National Repercussions

Jennie Linn McCormack. Robyn Twomey/Newsweek

Will the McCormack/Hearn lawsuit open up access to abortion for everyone?

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