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Colorado Activists Rally Against Personhood USA-Backed Ballot Measure

Opponents of Amendment 67 rally at the Colorado State Capitol Monday.

Abortion rights organizations in Colorado launched a campaign Tuesday opposing a proposed constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would add “unborn human beings” to the state’s criminal code.

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Kansas Man Charged With First-Degree Murder for Inducing Girlfriend’s Miscarriage

According to prosecutors, Scott Bollig laced his girlfriend's pancakes with mifepristone, causing her to miscarry.

According to prosecutors, Scott Bollig laced his girlfriend’s pancakes with mifepristone, causing her to miscarry.

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‘Personhood’ and ‘Fetal Homicide’ Legislation Introduced in Colorado Legislature

Anti-choice state lawmakers have introduced legislation in Colorado that defines life as beginning at conception, reflecting "personhood" ballot initiatives defeated overwhelmingly in 2008 and 2010.

Anti-choice state lawmakers have introduced legislation in Colorado that defines life as beginning at conception, reflecting “personhood” ballot initiatives defeated overwhelmingly in 2008 and 2010.

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Attorney Argues Death of Fetus in Minnesota Case Was Unlawful Abortion, Not Murder

Two groups have appealed the dismissal of their challenge to an Arizona anti-choice restriction that they argue unconstitutionally relies on harmful racial stereotypes to discriminate against and shame Black and Asian American and Pacific Islander women who decide to end their pregnancies.

A Minnesota case highlights the discretion prosecutors have when charging crimes that involve the death of a fetus.

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Colorado Anti-Choice Activists Submit Enough Signatures to Put ‘Fetal Homicide’ Measure on 2014 Ballot

Conservatives asked the Roberts Court to review and reverse a federal appeals court decision that for-profit companies are not "people" with religious exercise rights.

If the secretary of state approves the signatures and the measure makes the ballot, political observers say it’s unlikely to pass, just as “personhood” abortion bans were defeated overwhelmingly in Colorado in 2008 and 2010.

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Drug Tampering Case May Give New Life to Long-Stalled Florida Anti-Choice Bill

One Florida legislator hopes national attention and a new name might give new life to a failed bill.

State Rep. Larry Ahern is hoping that with a new name and help from the woman whose boyfriend allegedly tricked her into taking medication that caused her to have an early abortion, 2014 may be the year his anti-choice bill finally passes.

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Hope Ankrom and Amanda Kimbrough: Victims of Alabama’s Personhood Agenda

Amanda Kimbrough. (123 People)

I have grown to hate the term “judicial activism” because it is frequently used by conservatives to criticize court decisions they simply don’t like. Still, there are few alternative phrases that accurately describe the Alabama Supreme Court’s decision in the consolidated cases of Amanda Kimbrough and Hope Ankrom, two women who were swept up in the Alabama judiciary’s zeal to promote an anti-choice personhood agenda by redefining the word “child” in Alabama’s chemical endangerment statute, so that it now applies to pregnant women who uses any amount of controlled substances, whether prescribed by a doctor or not.

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Montana “Fetal Homicide” Bill Latest that Could Turn Pregnant Women Into Murderers

(MA Catholic Conference)

H.B. very clearly defines an unborn child as beginning at the moment of conception.

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Colorado House Passes “Personhood” Bill Despite Widespread Public Opposition

Gals, in the eyes of Colorado Assistant House Majority Leader Mark Waller, when it comes to fertilized eggs as people, women are toast. His comment on the bill he just passed through the House? “The goal of this bill is not to protect women. The goal of this bill is to protect unborn children.”  Ya know, Mark… we kinda got that message.

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Analysis of Fetal Homicide Bills Suggests Ulterior Motives

A slew of state bills to establish precedents for “fetal homicide” have at least one thing in common—little mention of the women actually involved in the incidents.

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