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What We Know About Three-Parent In Vitro Fertilization

I, too, was created in a petri dish. I was an IVF baby.

While there is much enthusiasm surrounding experimental new techniques that aim to help women with severely mutated mitochondrial DNA to have a child that would not inherit the disorders that can be caused by those mutations, the verdict is still out on the procedures. And it doesn’t look good.

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Why the CDC Stopped Calling Sex Without a Condom ‘Unprotected Sex’

red condoms

For many years, the term “unprotected sex” has been synonymous with “sex without a condom.” But some HIV advocates argue that this language is outdated and imprecise, and the CDC has agreed to change it.

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The Obama Administration’s Plan B Folly

Why does the Obama administration insist on keeping up this pointless fight?

Continuing to fight science and common sense on Plan B isn’t serving anyone’s interests. Pro-choicers are mad, anti-choicers aren’t placated, and women are hurt in the process. So why does the Obama administration insist on keeping up this pointless fight?

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Judge Blasts Obama Administration, Compares Denying Access to Emergency Contraception to Voter Suppression Efforts

New decisions mean emergency contraception will soon be available over-the-counter to women of all ages.  While we celebrate this victory, we should also be using it as an opportunity to remind young people that there are much better ways to prevent pregnancy.

U.S. District Court Judge Edward R. Korman today delivered a scorching critique of the Obama administration’s policies, saying that the FDA’s decision-making on EC has been corrupted by political influence.

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Obama Administration Throws Science and Public Health Out the Window in Appeal of Plan B Ruling

Plan b emergency contraceptive

The Obama administration announced it was appealing a federal court order that lifted age-restrictions on the sale of emergency contraception.

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Administration Again Fails on Over-the-Counter Emergency Contraception

The Center for Reproductive Rights filed a lawsuit Thursday arguing the state's age and proof-of-identification requirements violate the state's constitution.

The Obama administration’s newest plan to make emergency contraception over-the-counter to some groups and not others only creates more confusion and a new set of barriers to access. I guess this administration would rather play Russian Roulette with teen pregnancy than make it easier to prevent.

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Justice Doesn’t Just Happen: Feminist Activists Were Essential to EC Ruling

Local activists just launched a campaign urging against the retention of Judge Teresa Carr Deni in Philadelphia municipal court in next week’s general election.

What did it really take for a Reagan-appointed federal judge to make one of the most critical reproductive justice rulings of the year, possibly the decade?

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The Top 11 Zingers From the Emergency Contraception Decision

A federal judge blasts the Obama administration on emergency contraception, and the battle over Arkansas' 12-week abortion ban heats up.

The judgment is littered with scathing descriptions of bad faith, politically-motivated maneuvering, and unbelievable wastes of time and taxpayers’ money as well as jaw-dropping legal mistakes—all of which go well beyond the language one expects to find in typical legal opinions.

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Texas Senate Committee Considers Bill Limiting Medical Abortions

Senator Dan Patrick.

Another day, another effort to ban safe abortion care in Texas.

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Texas Abortion Drug Bill Could Mean More Side Effects and Higher Costs

A pharmacist with Mifepristone.

A GOP lawmaker is looking to make Texas the latest state to restrict the use of abortion medications in a way that some experts warn could increase the drugs’ side effects while making them more expensive.

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