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In a Room Crowded With Duggars, Ohio Republicans Pledge to Reintroduce Heartbeat Ban

The Duggars campaign at the "Stand For Life" rally in Austin, Texas, on July 8.

“We are ready to start the fire again,” said state Rep. Christina Hagan at the press conference, which was filled with reporters as well as members of the Duggar family, reality television stars who have become some of the new faces of the evangelical anti-choice movement.

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Ohio Heartbeat Bill Really, Really, REALLY Not Coming Up for a Vote (Really!)

Original Photo: Toledo Blade.

It’s over this year. Again. Yes, again again.

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Author of Heartbeat Ban Legislation Says Vote for Romney, or Else …

Janet Porter. Photo: Michelangelo Signorile.

Janet Porter is moving beyond abortion bans and throwing her political prowess into electoral politics.

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Ohio Session Ends With No Vote On Heartbeat Ban

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The senate has now adjourned without any closure on the proposal to ban abortion from the moment a heartbeat can be detected.

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Ohio Senate Leader To Supporters of “Heartbeat Ban:” Shut Up Already!

Source: The Associated Press

Looks like the senate president has gotten a little tired of Faith2Action.

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