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Violence in Front of Planned Parenthood that Doesn’t Perform Abortions

Police hold a man suspected in a stabbing outside an Oregon Planned Parenthood clinic. Photo: Shaun Hall/AP.

A “protest” turns violent in Oregon.

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Florida Arsonist Gets Ten Years for Pensacola Clinic Firebombing

Photo: PNJ File Photo.

Rogers burned down the American Family Planning Clinic on New Year’s Day. Now he will serve ten years in prison.

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Former Clinic Run by Dr. Tiller May Again Offer Abortion Services

Pro-choice advocate stands outside of Dr. Tiller's clinic. Photo: Gawker.

It’s been three years since abortions have been available in Wichita, but that may change within a few months.

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Protest, Harassment, Terrorism—Regardless of the Name, It’s Wrong

Photo: Ms. Blog.

How can purposefuly trying to create fear in a person’s home anything other than terrorism?

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Jury to Hear Case of Anti-choice Activist’s Threat to Dr. Mila Means

Angel Dillard. Pitch.com.

Dillard’s plea to have a judge decide her case directly has been rejected.

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Another Anti-Choice Terrorist Says “Don’t Blame Me, Blame God”

The converse of “the devil made me do it” is now being used in a new anti-choice activist’s legal defense.

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Authorities Release Sketch of Potential Witness in Domestic Terrorism Attacks Against Georgia Clinics

This image was taken by a surveillance camera from a bank near a fire. [img src]

The FBI is investigating two fires and the burglaries of reproductive health clinics around metro Atlanta as potential domestic terrorism incidences.

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Anti-Choice Terrorist: God Told Me To Threaten Her


If “God told me to do it” is now a defense, there’s going to be a lot of anti-choice terrorists using it.

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New Bill Proposes Expanding Clinic Buffer Zones To Protect Women From Harassment

From inside the courtroom. [img src]

Advocates in Westchester County want to ensure women can access their suburban clinic without being harassed and intimidated.

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Anti-Choicers Sue For Right To Continue Picketing Abortion Providers At Home

The courts will likely have to decide whether the right to free speech supercedes the right to individuals to “right to privacy and a sense of security and peace in the home.”

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