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Teen Birth Rates Hit Historic Lows; More Access to Contraceptives Credited


Teen birth rates fell to an historic low in 2011 thanks, in part, to new policies that make it easier for teens to access contraception. 

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No Plan B: Why Is the Indian Health Service Denying Native American Women Access to Emergency Contraception?

Donna House, 58, left, participates in a forum on access to emergency contraception. (Russell Contreras/AP)

Native American women don’t have access to emergency contraception despite repeated requests by women’s groups to the Indian Health Service. Everyone from the IHS to the Department of the Interior to Senators to the White House is involved in the decision, but no one appears to be taking responsiblity. How much longer do Native women have to wait?

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Forget “Having it All”: What About Just Having Access to Plan B?

In the battle over emergency contraception access, corporate interests win out over public health.

It is an outrage that not only may it be difficult to physically access Plan B but also lack of information regarding emergency contraceptives can serve as an obstacle for young women who have been sexually assaulted. 

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For Informed Consent, Don’t Forget the IUD as EC

Doctors cannot restrict the treatments they mention to only those that they themselves offer. And yet this is what often happens with emergency contraception. Women are not told about the most effective option.  

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If You Give It, They’ll Be Tramps: An Offensive, False, But Oft-Repeated Argument About Reproductive Health Technologies

horizontal couple with man grabbing buttocks

The argument that access to sexual health care or information causes promiscuity is offensive to women and has been proven false time and again. Yet it seems unlikely that it we will end anytime soon.

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Todd Akin More Strict on Abortion Than the Catholic Church?

Archbishop Dolan, of NY. Andrew Cusack/andrewcusack.com.

The church tries to clarify its own position on rape, but leaves things even more confusing.

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Todd Akin Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Contraception and Abortion, But He Wants “It” Outlawed

Todd Akin. Jeff Roberson/AP.

The Republican challenging Sen. McCaskill doesn’t understand the difference between contraception and abortion, but he still knows abortion is always wrong.

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The Affordable Care Act and Ella: New Potential for an “Old” Drug

In the world of emergency contraception (EC), August 1, 2012 also means one EC option just got a lot more affordable for many women.  

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Activist Fights For Emergency Contraception Availability For Native Women

One in three native women will be raped in her lifetime.  One activist wants to ensure they have access to emergency contraception just in case.

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“Conscience Clause” Gone AMOK — Rape Victim Denied Morning After Pill By Prison Guard

[img src]

It’s bad enough that a victim of sexual assault was jailed for an outstanding warrant when she went to report her rape. But being denied emergency contraception by her guard? No wonder she’s suing.

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