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Colorado Republican Recall Candidates Hit With Abortion Politics Mailers

The Colorado Independent obtained a copy of the mailers sent to District 11 (one shown above).

Campaign mailers underlining the anti-choice views of Republican state senate candidates Bernie Herpin and George Rivera reportedly landed in some Colorado voter mailboxes last week, stoking flames in the already hot recall elections organized in response to gun-control legislation passed in the spring.

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In New Push for “Personhood,” Arizona Anti-Choicers Push Bill to Track Every Embryo


An Arizona group seeking to establish legal personhood for fertilized eggs and embryos is proposing a new way for the state to keep tabs on the personal reproductive decisions of its citizens: Embryo tracking.

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Alabama Senator Wants to Ban Abortion Because The Bible Tells Him So

Alabama State Senator Shadrack McGill, with bible. (Diary of a Hollywood Street King)

Never has an anti-choice politician been so blatant that his motives are purely about his religion.

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Legal Wrap: Personhood, Statutory Rape, and the Second-Class Legal Status of Women

(Legal Advantage HR Solutions, LLC)

A handful of cases at the state level show how far women still have to go to be considered equal citizens under the law.

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Anti-Choice Plan for 2013 Clarified on Roe Anniversary: End All Rape Exceptions

Rebecca Kiessling. (The Clarion Call)

Pregnant from your rapist? Too bad. Have that baby anyway.

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Roe v. Wade and Fetal Personhood: Juridical Persons Are Not Natural Persons, And Why it Matters

As women’s rights and pro-choice activists continue to sharply criticize the ongoing attempts to grant personhood rights to eggs, it is important to examine what “personhood” actually means, what fetal personhood laws would mean for our movement, and how personhood activists are getting it all wrong.

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Promote the Personhood of Fertilized Eggs! Win $5,000 Cash!

If the fertilized egg as person movement wasn’t already showing signs of jumping the shark, now they are bribing people into supporting them.

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