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The So-Called Personhood and Fetal Pain Bans, and the Race to the Supreme Court Steps

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Personhood measures are billed as the most direct threat to Roe v. Wade, but it is the 20 week bans we need to pay the most attention to.

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U.S. Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Personhood Oklahoma Appeal

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The high court turned back the anti-abortion group’s plea to put the issue of personhood on the Oklahoma ballot without comment.

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What “Personhood” Means for In-Vitro Fertilization

Thomas A. Nairn. Dan Z. Johnson/CHAUSA.

A new study suggests a way to make IVF more successful. But if a “personhood” law ever passed, it would be difficult to do.

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Ohio’s Push For Fertilized Eggs As People Appears Doomed

Snapshot of video tutorial on how to easily gather signatures for the petition. [img src]

The state has less than two weeks to gather 95 percent of their necessary signatures.

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By-passing Real People: Oklahoma Legislature Tries to Pass Egg-as-Person Bill

Popular distaste for “personhood” bills has been evidence in Colorado and Mississippi. So, Oklahoma legislators are seeking the same end result through a different strategy: legislation that lays the groundwork for potential prohibition of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, oral contraception, and IUDs, and the granting of fatherhood rights at conception.

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State-Sanctioned Rape: Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Laws in Virginia, Texas, and Iowa

Depiction of a trans-vaginal ultrasound

Let’s start calling these bills what they are: state-sanctioned rape. There is no other way around it.

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Covering Romney? Some Tips for Journalists Tracking Mitt’s Changing Position on “Personhood”

Reporters are having a real hard time sorting out Mitt Romney’s position on personhood. Here’s a quick and easy way for journos to think about the issue, and Romney’s evolving stance on it.

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OHHHHHHH- Klahoma!?!?!? New Egg-As-Person Legislation To Be Introduced

Oklahoma is joining the red-state race to be the first to challenge Roe v Wade at the national level, with an egg-as-person bill containing language to make it more… palatable?

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