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In Georgia, an Ongoing Fight Against Anti-Choice Legislation

Georgia State Capitol building in Atlanta.

For now, the rights of some of the most vulnerable people in Georgia are safe. But we must remain ever-vigilant to support those fragile rights.

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McKillip Defends His 20-Week No-Exceptions Abortion Ban on Specious Grounds

Image & video via the AthensPatch.

I know I always let the insurance folk make my medical decisions.

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Georgia 20-Week Ban Sponsor Criticized Over Bill By Primary Rival

Rep. Doug McKillip

Is McKillip’s anti-choice advocacy coming back to haunt him?

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Georgia “Fetal Pain” Ban Author Ok With Forcing Women Into C-Sections For Unviable Pregnancies

Rep. Dough McKillip. [img src]

What exactly does “most likely to save both lives” mean?

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