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Minnesota Judge Tosses Lawsuit Challenging Insurance Coverage for Abortions

This week in legal news: the bad policy and law behind admitting privileges restrictions, and Republicans' obstructionism on judicial nominees becomes transparently misogynistic.

In Minnesota, low-income women will continue to be able to have insurance coverage for medically necessary abortions thanks to a recent ruling.

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Victories for Reproductive Rights in Minnesota, New Hampshire

Mountain climbing victory

Two states buck the flow of bad legislation by fighting off anti-choice bills in their legislatures.

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Minnesota House Votes to End Coverage of Safe Abortion Care for Low-Income Women

Minnesota capitol.

Anti-choice activists are trying to eliminate the right to choose, and are willing to destroy the state health care exchange in the process.

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Advocates Go to Court to Protect Medicaid Funding of Abortion Care in Minnesota

Signs from the Minnesotans Unite Against the War on Women Rally in St. Paul last April.

As a judge considers whether to dismiss a lawsuit challenging Medicaid coverage of abortions, the Center for Reproductive Rights steps in to help with the fight.

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Another Legislative Session in Minnesota, Another Attempt to Challenge Doe v. Gomez


Doe v. Gomez makes abortion a right regardless of a woman’s ability to pay. Minnesota’s anti-choice community wants to end that.

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Minnesota Asks That Lawsuit Over Medicaid Abortions Be Dismissed

Brian and Denise Walker. Photo: Bound4LifeOakland.wordpress.com.

A frivolous lawsuit could never make it to trial if the state has its way.

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Minnesota Anti-Choice Activists File Frivolous Lawsuit Against Medicaid-Funded Abortions

Chuck Shreffler. Photo: Association of Corporate Counsel.

A new suit on behalf of Minnesota “taxpayers,” alleges the state has been misauthorizing funding for poor women seeking pregnancy terminations.

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Minnesota GOP Proposes Constitutional Amendment Banning Taxpayer Funding Of Abortion

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Since last year’s bill was unsuccessful, the party wants to put it on the ballot.

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Minnesota Senate Committee Approves 20 Week Ban, Subsidized Abortion Elimination

Minnesota passes two more reproductive health restrictions out of committee.

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Are Anti-Choice Legislators Gunning For Minnesota’s Version of Roe?

Right now, women in Minnesota are protected by state law if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned. But anti-choice legislators are aiming to change that.

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