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Discrimination, Doxxing, and That ‘Louie’ Episode: A Q&A With the Filmmakers Behind ‘Fattitude’

Fattitude looks at the ubiquity of fat prejudice through media analyses and interviews with well-known activists.

RH Reality Check recently spoke to Lindsey Averill and Viridiana Lieberman, who are crowdsourcing funds for Fattitude, their documentary about fat prejudice. The filmmakers discuss the core principles of Fattitude, the harassment they’ve experienced while making the film, and much more.

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‘Man Pregnancy’ and Other Harmful Notions That Prevent Inclusivity

Thomas Beatie.

Our society polices which bodies are supposed to reproduce—everything that falls outside of these expectations becomes a spectacle or public property.

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How Do You Prove That Discrimination No Longer Exists?

At the heart of the discussion about the need for both VAWA and the Voting Rights Act is a fundamental disagreement about what governments should do about discrimination, and, even more so, what they shouldn’t do.

At the center of recent legal and legislative battles is the question of how to determine the exact moment when everyone truly has equal opportunities.

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Confronting Abortion Stigma


Abortion stigma is a form of gender discrimination and punishment, and it represents social control of both women who need abortions and providers who provide them.

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TV Recognizes the “Modern Family”—Why Not Governments?

TV's "Modern Family."

Real-life individuals in same-sex couples, or those who live with someone of a different race or generation from themselves, often face daily struggles to protect their families from legal uncertainty and publicly articulated disgust.

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Trans Inclusion: Trust, Verify, Educate


The invisibility of trans communities is real. So are unthinking insults. By treating the latter as intentional, we do nothing to inform and educate about the first.

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Evidence-Based Advocacy: How Do Abortion Providers Experience Stigma?

Many highly trained physicians provide abortion care, so why do abortion providers continue to be stereotyped as substandard doctors?

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SCOTUS Looks Ready To Gut Voting Rights Act

photo courtesy of Sunset Parkerpix via Flickr

In granting review of Shelby Co. v. Holder the Roberts Court sent signals the Voting Rights Act is in real trouble.

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How Discrimination Leads to Health Disparities in the Transgender Community

Data shows that transgender people are more likely to be uninsured, face discrimination in health care, be HIV positive and suffer from depression and attempted suicide.

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Abortion Stigma is Simply Discrimination: Here Is How We Get Rid of It

Worldwide, roughly 43 million women have an abortion each year. Yet these same women face stigma, a form of social control used to dehumanize, devalue, and isolate them. Providers are grappling with effective ways to reduce abortion stigma.

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