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All In a Day’s Work: Ohio GOP Rejects Medicaid Expansion, Proposes Funding Shift From Health Care to CPCs

What happened to caring for the poor?

The Ohio GOP has proposed a budget that would reject covering more low-income citizens under Medicaid, refuse funding to Planned Parenthood, and give more money to CPCs. What about caring for the poor?

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Not Content With Strictest Abortion Law in the Country, Rapert Wants to Defund Planned Parenthood

Senator Jason Rapert.

Once an anti-choicer’s done all he can to ban abortion, his next logical move is to cut off birth control access.

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House Contemplates Defunding Planned Parenthood Since That’s the Only Place Antis Still Have Power

Rep. Marsha Blackburn. (Bildungblog.blogspot.com)

The 113th session is already starting to look a lot like the 112th session.

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Colorado County Commission Eliminates Funding to Planned Parenthood Affiliate For No Real Reason

Commission Chairman John Martin. Photo: Post Independent.

They do a fine job, said the commissioner who proposed not renewing funds.

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5th Circuit Court of Appeals Refuses To Reconsider Planned Parenthood Funding Ban

photo courtesy of WeNews via Flickr

Texas can move forward with excluding Planned Parenthood clinics from its health program for low income women while a lawsuit challenging the law moves forward.

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New Hampshire Right to Life Falsely Attacks Planned Parenthood

If they can’t get the reproductive health organization defunded, they will settle for arrested.

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HHS Says Indiana Cannot Refuse To Deny Planned Parenthood Medicaid Funding


The administration has told the state that it cannot discriminate against the provider when it comes to using Medicaid funding for family planning services.

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Iowa Woman Takes On Rep Steve King Over His Planned Parenthood Attacks

Iowa woman takes on Rep. Steve King.


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Iowa Legislature: Traffic Cameras Are Invasion Of Privacy. Forcing Cameras into Your Vagina? Not

Iowa legislators are rallying for the right to privacy–except when it comes to your body.

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Arizona House Passes Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood

Bill sponsors say it is necessary to cut off “backdoor funding” of abortions.

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