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D.C. Budget Autonomy Passes, What’s Next for Abortion Funding Remains Unclear

The House of Representatives is expected Thursday to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act Thursday—the 37th time the Republican-dominated body has voted to defund, repeal, or otherwise dismantle the law.

Now that the voters have spoken, what’s going to happen next?

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DC Budget Autonomy Vote Today, Abortion Funding at Stake

US capitol building

The vote could affect a longstanding match of abortion funding Ping-Pong between local residents and the federal government.

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GOP Shoves D.C. Abortion Funding Ban in Spending Bill, And Expects It Will Stay

Policy riders illustration by Matt Wuerker. [img src]

Even though a majority of line item ideological issues are scattered throughout the bill, the abortion one looks like it will stick.

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D.C.To Issa: No Thanks On Autonomy

Chairman Issa. (original img src)

When offered the chance to handle their own budget in exchange for permanently banning abortions for low income women, the city said no way.

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