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In Maryland, Free Speech Protects the Right of Crisis Pregnancy Centers to Lie to Women: An Analysis of the Baltimore CPC Case

In clinics nationwide, young women — mostly poor women — are lured into so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” which falsely advertise themselves as health clinics, but which are anything but. These crisis pregnancy centers are often set up and run by Catholic churches, which, for obvious reasons, doesn’t bode well for any woman seeking information about contraception or terminating a pregnancy.  Instead of offering counseling about a woman’s choices, these CPCs steer women towards a right-wing, anti-choice agenda, using Jesus and guilt as weapons.

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Center For Reproductive Rights Says First Amendment Does Not Cover Right To “Deceive Women”

Nancy Northup. Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

The reproductive rights legal advocacy group will file an appeal over the recent decision to forbid crisis pregnancy centers from posting signs saying they don’t provide or refer for abortions.

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New Virginia Dept Of Health Releases “Free Forced Ultrasound” List Still Includes Unregulated and Unaccountable CPCs

Screenshot from "A Virginia Guide to Family Planning, Genetics and Social Services."

The state has corrected their list of clinics that provide “free ultrasounds” that women can visit before an abortion, but they still are all crisis pregnancy centers.

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As Virginia Forced Ultrasound Bill Goes Into Effect, State Attempts To Trick Women Into Visiting CPCs

Women in Virginia who want to terminate a pregnancy may find themselves with new roadblocks as the state tries to trick them into visiting crisis pregnancy centers first.

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“Women’s Care Center” Crisis Pregnancy Center Building Clinic Across From “Women’s Health Center.” But You Shouldn’t Be Confused

Parking lot where health clinic will be built. Clint Austin/caustin@duluthnews.com

Anti-choice activists are excited to announce they have secured a prime spot right across the street from the only abortion provider in Northern Minnesota.

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Court Rules Telling CPCs Not To Lie Violates Free Speech

One of the many tools used by CPCs to convince women not to have abortions. [img src]

Baltimore cannot tell crisis pregnancy centers that they must post statements outside their buildings saying they do not provide abortions, judges rule.

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Crisis Pregnancy Centers Use Federal Funds to Promote Religion, Lie to Patients, Discriminate In Hiring Practices

[img src]

I wonder if they keep separate books to make sure the money goes to the right place…

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Taxpayer-Funded Crisis Pregnancy Centers Use Federal Dollars to Proselytize and Spread Medical Lies

Taxpayer-funded crisis pregnancy centers are using religion to oppose abortion and contraception, and many of them only hire Christians.

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Idaho’s Forced “Double Ultrasound” Bill Passes Senate, Heads For House

[orgnl img src]

The senate voted for the flawed, forced ultrasound bill, 23 to 12.

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Idaho “Double Ultrasound” Bill Passes Senate Panel

Senator Chuck Winder. [img src]

Despite a lack of resolving the issue of offering free ultrasounds that don’t comply with the law, an Idaho senate committee is sending the bill for a full vote.

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