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USA Today Publishes Dueling Op-Eds on “Conscience Clauses”

Photo: ReligionLink.com.

In the battle between a right to obtain medical treatment and a right to deny that treatment because of “moral” objections, who wins?

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Sexual Health Roundup: Court Says Illinois Pharmacists Don’t Have to Distribute EC, Just as NYC Schools Stock Up on It

An appellate court this week ruled that Illinois cannot force pharmacies or pharmacists to sell EC. The New York City Department of Education, meanwhile, is offering it to students. And ACOG recommends IUDs and Implants for teens.

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Missouri Legislature Overrides Nixon Veto of Birth Control Refusal Rights

Missouri state capitol

Both the House and the Senate voted overwhelmingly that employers and insurers should have the right to deny women contraceptive coverage in their insurance plans.

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A Victory for Millennials in the Push for Access to Contraception

Today, for a brief moment, we can take time to celebrate a victory in womens health. Because today, most private insurance companies in the United States will begin to cover all FDA-approved forms of contraception, free of co-pays. This is a BIG step forward.

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The War On Workers’ Religious Liberty

A federal judge in Colorado shows he’s open to the argument that employers should be able to dock your insurance benefits because they oppose contraception. If conservatives successfully open this door, expect more attacks on workers’ religious freedom.

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CORRECTION: Colorado Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction Against Birth Control Mandate

Ellen M. Blalock/The Post-Standard/AP.

The preliminary injunction, granted in a suit brought by owners of an air-conditioning company in Colorado who “oppose birth control.”

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150 Doctors Say Don’t Stop Abortions at Abington Hospital


Is the hospital’s plan to merge with a Catholic hospital beginning to unravel?

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Doctors in Pennsylvania Hospital Merger Ready To Resign Over Ending Abortion Access

The new hospital may not be able to perform abortions, and they may lose key staff over the issue.

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Catholic Hospitals Make Abortion The Only Thing They Won’t Allow

Holy Redeemer Healthcare Facilities, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (During Construction). [src]

When it comes to mergers with non-Catholic health systems, it appears abortion is the one rule they won’t compromise on.

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“Conscience Clause” Gone AMOK — Rape Victim Denied Morning After Pill By Prison Guard

[img src]

It’s bad enough that a victim of sexual assault was jailed for an outstanding warrant when she went to report her rape. But being denied emergency contraception by her guard? No wonder she’s suing.

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