· · · · · 

The Snake Oil Salesman: Author of Heritage Foundation Immigration Report Touted Failed Ab-Only Policies

No amount of spin can change the fact that the Heritage Foundation and Robert Rector were selling snake oil then, and are selling snake oil now.

Marco Rubio said the Heritage Foundation’s work on immigration is “not a legitimate study.” He’s right. The author of the study, Robert Rector, has a long history of producing studies of questionable legitimacy.

· · · · · 

“New Life” Trumps “Existing Life” in the Modern Republican Party

Thanks to the Akin outburst, the extremist positions taken by anti-choice politicians are now finally becoming more visible to a larger public.

· · · · · 

Paul Ryan Pick Presents Unique Conundrum for Republican Women Voters

And therein lies the conundrum for Republican women voters as they consider their vote come Election Day 2012. When the U.S. is as politically polarized as it’s ever been, now epitomized by the Obama-Biden and Romney-Ryan presidential tickets, will women voters join these women elected officials and vote against their self interest?

· · · · · 

Hmmm…Did Romney Check With Ryan On That Rape Exception to Abortion Thing?

Getty Images.

According to the presidential contender, his ticket supports allowing rape victims to terminate their pregnancies. Did he check with his running mate?

· · · · · 

Paul Ryan’s Missing Children and Mitt Romney’s Forbidden Grandchildren

Paul Ryan’s relatively small family and Mitt Romney’s quite large one reveal the reproductive minefields for Republican candidates who presumably are expected to show obedience, in their personal lives, to the party’s extremist platform.

· · · · · 

Which Personhood Endorser in Colorado Will Be Ryan’s Role Model?

Paul Ryan. Steve Pope/Getty Images.

Romney running mate Paul Ryan, who’s endorsed personhood at the federal level, will have to decide whether to un-endorse the measure or stand behind it.

· · · · · 

You Love Him, You Love Him Not: The Public’s Reaction to the Ryan Pick

Rep. Paul Ryan Jason E. Miczek/AP

They love him.  They hate him.  No, wait, you’re all right!

· · · · · 

What Happened To The Coulda Beens?

Ryan may have gotten the nod, but what happened to all of those other wannabe v.p. contenders?

· · · · · 

The Ryan Reaction: This Election Is Now About “Choice”

Rep. Paul Ryan Win McNamee / Getty Images

This election is about choice.  A big choice.

· · · · · 

Romney/Ryan 2012: Now Will The Media Really Look at the Ryan Plan?

Wikimedia commons

We have a vice presidential nominee.  Now the real campaigning begins.

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