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On National Youth HIV and AIDS Day, the Boston College ‘Troublemakers’ Speak

red condoms

Our crime has made national news: We’re giving out condoms. At a Catholic University.

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Sexual Health Roundup: Condoms at Catholic Schools, Meds for STI-Exposed Partners, and Bacon-Flavored Condoms

Bacon condoms: Coming to a store near you.

This week, Boston College gets support for its decision to halt student condom distribution, Nebraska tries to pass an expedited partner treatment law, and the bacon condom arrives just in time for April Fool’s Day (but it’s not a joke).

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Birth Control for Men: Why the Delay?

Is the dream of male contraception simply an unattainable mirage?

If we wish to equalize the responsibility over reproductive health and make it a more just system for us all, men can no longer be left out of the reproductive health equation.

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Is Sexual Health Education Passé?

Until we see improvements in these numbers and a betterment of the lives impacted, we still very much need to talk about and frame the discussion on sexual health.

You can buy sex toys at the drug store these days. Does that mean we no longer need to talk about and promote sexual health?

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Sexual Health Roundup: Making Condoms Available (And Hoping They Keep Being Used)

As National Condom Month draws to a close, this week's roundup focuses on condom availability and use: in New York, in high schools, and in colleges.

As National Condom Month draws to a close, this week’s roundup focuses on condom availability and use: in New York, in high schools, and in colleges.

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Sexual Health Roundup: Resistant Gonorrhea Hits North America, Porn Producers Sue over Condom Law, and Ginseng Beats Viagra

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In this week’s sexual health round up: we have hit an expected but dreaded milestone with the first document cases of cephalosporin-resistant gonorrhea in North America; a major porn producer sues the city of Los Angeles to stop the enforcement of an on-set condom requirement; and study shows that an age-old herb might work just as well as modern prescription drugs for erectile issues. 

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Sexual Health Roundup: HPV Vaccine Doesn’t Lead to Promiscuity; Condom Use Low Among Women on the Pill

A study finds that the HPV vaccine doesn’t lead to more sex; another confirms that women who stop using condoms when they start hormonal birth control and don’t go back to condoms if they stop hormonal methods.

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Text in the City: Medical Professionals Use Social Media to Reach Teens on Sexual Health

Public-health experts are using social media to help teenagers prevent STDs. A new study finds that Facebook “communities” can be effective in promoting condom use among young people.

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World Contraception Day: Myths, Rumors, and Rubbish

More than 20 different methods of long-acting and short-acting hormonal and barrier contraception are now available, many of which are 99-percent-plus effective. But strange superstitions live on.

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Here’s a Secret: Size Really Does Matter

Condoms are 98 percent effective when used perfectly, but only 82 percent effective with typical use. Wearing a condom that is too small or too big can impact how effective a condom is at preventing pregnancy.

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