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Colorado Republican Recall Candidates Hit With Abortion Politics Mailers

The Colorado Independent obtained a copy of the mailers sent to District 11 (one shown above).

Campaign mailers underlining the anti-choice views of Republican state senate candidates Bernie Herpin and George Rivera reportedly landed in some Colorado voter mailboxes last week, stoking flames in the already hot recall elections organized in response to gun-control legislation passed in the spring.

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Anti-Choice Agenda Thrives in Hallway of Conservative Conference in Denver

So the excitement in the halls of the Western Conservative Summit over the "personhood" measure did not match the silence on the conference agenda.

A large conservative conference in Denver showed how conservatives are at once unable to drop their extreme abortion views and, at the same time, at a loss regarding what to say about it.

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Colorado Supreme Court Punts on Fetal Rights, Rejects Catholic Health Case

Jeremy Stodghill in a January 2013 interview with TCI.

Attorney arguments for major Catholic health provider may set precedent bolstering arguments against fetal personhood.

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‘Personhood’ Backers in Colorado Push Ballot Initiative to Define ‘Person and Child’

With several abortion restrictions on hold, anti-choice activists are using their down time to prepare for a new push to grant legal rights to fertilized eggs via a "personhood" measure.

The new measure’s language is more obtuse than the personhood initiatives of 2008 and 2010, enabling law enforcement officials to prosecute people who commit crimes against “unborn human beings.”

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In Malpractice Case, Catholic Hospital Argues Fetuses Aren’t People

(Mark Coggins/flickr)

Lawsuit against Catholic Health Initiatives appealed to Colorado Supreme Court.

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Personhood Colorado Files Complaint Making Pointed Accusations Against Colorado Secretary of State

Secretary of State Scott Gessler.

“Unknown reasons?”  “Thwarted” attempts?  Maybe the Secretary of State really did kill off personhood himself?

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Colorado “Personhood” Amendment Officially Dead for Now

Photo: Sara's Kitchen.

Regardless of whether the advocacy group can recover enough discarded signatures to meet the threshold, the state had decided it is too late to proceed.

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On The Third Attempt to Pass Egg-as-Person Legislation in Colorado, Former Supporters Shy Away

Personhood Colorado may not believe the voters don’t want to give legal rights to fertilized eggs, but the politicians do.

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Colorado “Personhood” Volunteers Gather 80 Signatures Each

Colorado’s third attempt to force voters to reject personhood is on its way.

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Colorado Board Approves Ballot Initiative for Third Attempt at Egg-as-Person Law

[img src]

And the third attempt to pass an “egg as person” amendment in Colorado is underway.

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