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Kentucky News Outlet Glorifies Clinic Bomber

John Brockhoeft at his interview. (WCPO Digital/screenshot)

As disturbing as the fact that the KYPost thought this story would be the most interesting way to commemorate the anniversary of Roe v. Wade is the obvious glee with which Brockhoeft explains to the reporter that not only does he not regret his actions, but that he thinks it was one of the best things that he had ever done with his life.

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Anti-Choice Harassers Re-double Attacks On Jackson Women’s Health Organization As Hospitals Refuse Admitting Privileges

Flip Benham & crew outside the Jackson WHO. Photo:  Rogelio V. Solis/AP Photo.

More posters, more harassment at the only public abortion clinic in Mississippi as Jackson Women’s Health Organization runs out of options.

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Harrisburg, PA Creates 20 Feet Clinic Buffer to Protect Patients and Staff

Photo: Roosevelt Institute.

Citing escalating harassment at clinic entryways, the city council has voted to keep protesters at least 20 feet from doors and alleys.

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Violence in Front of Planned Parenthood that Doesn’t Perform Abortions

Police hold a man suspected in a stabbing outside an Oregon Planned Parenthood clinic. Photo: Shaun Hall/AP.

A “protest” turns violent in Oregon.

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Florida Arsonist Gets Ten Years for Pensacola Clinic Firebombing

Photo: PNJ File Photo.

Rogers burned down the American Family Planning Clinic on New Year’s Day. Now he will serve ten years in prison.

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Protest, Harassment, Terrorism—Regardless of the Name, It’s Wrong

Photo: Ms. Blog.

How can purposefuly trying to create fear in a person’s home anything other than terrorism?

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Jury to Hear Case of Anti-choice Activist’s Threat to Dr. Mila Means

Angel Dillard. Pitch.com.

Dillard’s plea to have a judge decide her case directly has been rejected.

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Anti-Choice Terrorism in Georgia May Be Having Its Intended Effect On Witnesses And Politicians

[img src]

As police continue to investigate clinic terrorism, doctors are expressing concerns about testifying against legislation in the future.

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Authorities Release Sketch of Potential Witness in Domestic Terrorism Attacks Against Georgia Clinics

This image was taken by a surveillance camera from a bank near a fire. [img src]

The FBI is investigating two fires and the burglaries of reproductive health clinics around metro Atlanta as potential domestic terrorism incidences.

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Anti-Choice Terrorist: God Told Me To Threaten Her


If “God told me to do it” is now a defense, there’s going to be a lot of anti-choice terrorists using it.

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