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Constitutional Storm Clouds Form Over Texas Clinic Closures

The long-term effects of a recent decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit doesn't look good.

The long-term effects of a recent decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, especially as it relates to the current clinic closure crisis in Texas, doesn’t look good.

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Fifth Circuit Rejects Challenge to Law Excluding Abortion Providers From Malpractice Protections

A ruling from the Fifth Circuit upholds a Louisiana law designed to drive providers from the state.

The decision sets a dangerous precedent for states seeking to evade judicial review of laws that violate federal constitutional rights and a new front in the right’s drive to bankrupt reproductive health-care providers.

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West Virginia Attorney General Closes Public Comment Period on Clinic Regulations

A few hundred protesters showed up for a rally in the rotunda of the West Virginia Capitol building.

Pro-choice advocates fear that Patrick Morrisey is “doing the bidding” of anti-choice groups, and that he intends to try and end safe abortion access in the state. Meanwhile, a Democratic lawmaker is asking for accountability from the state’s taxpayer-supported crisis pregnancy centers.

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Pro-Choice Advocates Say West Virginia Attorney General ‘Doing the Bidding’ of Anti-Choice Group

Their true intent is to end access to safe, legal abortion all together. Now, reproductive rights supporters question whether that is Attorney General Patrick Morrisey's goal, too.

WV Free Executive Director Margaret Chapman Pomponio told the West Virginia Gazette that it is “unsettling” how in line the attorney general’s inquiry into the abortion providers is with the agenda of the anti-choice Family Policy Council of West Virginia.

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Nebraska, New Hampshire Consider More Clinic Regulations Post-Gosnell Trial

Nebraska State Capitol

The Gosnell trial is over, but states continue to use it as an excuse to push their anti-choice agenda.

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A.G. Cuccinelli Refuses to Sign New Clinic Regulations, Says Board of Health “Exceeded Authority”


Unhappy that the new TRAP law mandating unnecessary clinic regulations isn’t having as much impact as anti-choice lawmakers hoped, the anti-choice Virginia State Attorney General Cuccinelli is refusing to approve the medical boards recommendations.

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Morning Roundup: Virginia Clinics Regulations Fast-Tracked

Georgia tables motion that would have forced all abortions into hospitals, new Virginia clinic regulations will be set in months, people with HIV at greater risk of bone fractures, and the Utah legislature passes three abortion-related bills.

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