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Patient Safety Zone Law Passes in Portland, Maine

Anti-choice protesters in Englewood, New Jersey, can no longer come within an eight-foot radius of a health-care facility’s entrance, exit, or driveway, after the city council voted unanimously Tuesday to enact a buffer zone to protect patients from harassment.

The ordinance, which took effect immediately, protects patients of the city’s only abortion clinic, who have said they faced a weekly “gauntlet” of harassment from protesters with the Pro-Life Missionaries of Maine.

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Legal Wrap: Dark Money in Politics Is Bad for Reproductive Rights

What's the link between big money donors like the Koch brothers and the wave of anti-abortion restrictions?

What’s the link between big money donors like the Koch brothers and the wave of anti-choice restrictions?

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Judge Refuses to Dismiss Stalking Case Against Wichita Anti-Choice Activist

NARAL Pro-Choice America is challenging the Obama administration's nomination of Michael Boggs, who has a long history of civil rights opposition, to the federal district court in Georgia.

Attorneys for Mark Holick argue his “wanted” posters featuring a Wichita clinic operator were protected free speech, but a Kansas judge ruled a trial is necessary to decide.

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Judge Upholds ‘Quiet Zone’ Around Florida Abortion Clinic

Friday's ruling leaves in place a new ordinance that creates buffer zones at entrances to health-care facilities in the city while a legal challenge to its constitutionality moves forward.

In a setback for Florida anti-choice protesters, a federal judge on Tuesday denied a request for a preliminary injunction against the noise ordinance.

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Kansas Judge Hears Arguments in Wichita Clinic Stalking Case

Similar "wanted" signs handed out with Dr. Tiller's face and address on them, which were handed out before he faced his first assassination attempt in 1993.

The attorney of a pastor accused of handing out “wanted” posters for a Wichita clinic operator says the pastor is protected by the First Amendment.

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It’s Up to Us to Defend Abortion Rights


As someone who has worked with abortion providers and defended clinics for many years, I have learned that the only way to prevent anti-abortion protesters (or, “antis”) from physically interfering with women (and their accompanying partners, relatives or friends) going into a clinic is by relying on our own efforts – and not laws.

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New Zealand Anti-Choice Protesters Claim It Must Be Someone Else Harassing Women

Photo: Teara.

As more patients complain about harassment at a hospital newly providing abortions, the local Right to Life swear they are just “praying.”

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Anti-Choice Harassers Re-double Attacks On Jackson Women’s Health Organization As Hospitals Refuse Admitting Privileges

Flip Benham & crew outside the Jackson WHO. Photo:  Rogelio V. Solis/AP Photo.

More posters, more harassment at the only public abortion clinic in Mississippi as Jackson Women’s Health Organization runs out of options.

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Harrisburg, PA Creates 20 Feet Clinic Buffer to Protect Patients and Staff

Photo: Roosevelt Institute.

Citing escalating harassment at clinic entryways, the city council has voted to keep protesters at least 20 feet from doors and alleys.

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A Wink and a Nod: Anti-Choice Laws Invite Anti-Choice Harassment and Terrorism

In addition to imposing unnecessary and damaging limits and requirements on women’s medical care, do anti-abortion laws contribute to a social climate in which it is acceptable to terrorize me, my colleagues, and our patients?

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