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In El Salvador, Yet Another Woman’s Life Subordinated to Non-Viable Fetus

The story of “Beatriz,” the 22-year-old woman caught in the firestorm of the abortion conflict in El Salvador, continues.

A 22-year-old Salvadoran woman with severe chronic medical conditions is pregnant with a fetus without a brain. But a 1998 law in El Salvador prohibits all abortions, without exception.

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Plan B and Ella Are Not Abortifacients, But False Claims May Hold Up In Court

emergency pills

And loathe as I am to admit it, all the studies in the world demonstrating that emergency contraception works not by preventing implantation but by preventing ovulation and therefore fertilization might not hold sway in court.

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Contradictions and Conservatism Muddle Hopes for Change Under Jesuit Pope

Emblem of the Jesuit Order

Bergoglio’s past statements show a lack of understanding of how fundamental reproductive autonomy is to economic justice.

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What’s in a Name Like Francis?

Pope Francis I

St. Francis was a non-violent reformer who gave up inherited riches to live, work with, and advocate for the poor. With the new Pope, I am hoping that there is something in a name.

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Inter-American Court Approves Access to IVF in Costa Rica

In Vitro trial at the Inter-American Court of Human Rigts. Photo: Ticotimes.net.

Last month, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights issued a final ruling in favor of the right to access in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Costa Rica. This is a win for women and Catholics and a blow to the bishops and conservatives who want to deny individuals the right to decide whether and when to have children.

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Irish Law, “Conscience Clauses,” and Needless Death: Three Questions About Savita Halappanavar’s Death

University College Hospital, Galway. Photo: Thejournal.ie.

Numerous questions have arisen in the wake of Savita’s case. Why did this happen? Doesn’t Ireland, a country with otherwise draconian abortion laws, allow abortion to save the life of the mother? Was there any doubt an abortion was necessary to save Savita’s life? Can this happen in the United States? And here are my answers.

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We Are All Savita Halappanavar: Catholic Hospital in Ireland Denies Woman Life-Saving Abortion

Last month, a Catholic hospital in Ireland effectively murdered a pregnant woman by denying her a life-saving abortion. Anti-choicers in the United States are trying to impose the same policies on women in the United States. This must be stopped. 

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The Right’s Position on the Birth Control Benefit is Unconstitutional. Is it Anti-Catholic, Too?

It seems outlandish to claim that the Catholic bishops’ own crusade against contraception is anti-Catholic. Still, arguments that this position is anti-Catholic seem not only well-founded but reasonable, whereas the Catholic bishops’ incessant interfering in American women’s lady-business is spectacularly unreasonable.

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What Does the Church Think? Women’s Rights Framed as Religious Question In V.P. Debate

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images via USA Today.

So the question has evolved from whether women should have rights to whether men believe the church should be allowed to take them away?

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Thoughts Upon Release From Jail After Sunday’s Abortion Rights Protest Inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Its been just a few hours since I was released from jail in New York City. I was arrested yesterday and charged with “criminal trespass” and another lesser trespass charge as I was leaving St. Patrick’s Cathedral after a group of women and men shouted “Abortion On Demand & Without Apology” and “Stop the War On Women” during a break in the service. Why this was worth it and what is next…

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