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Brazil’s Criminal Abortion Laws Are Killing Women

Jandira Magdalena dos Santos Cruz's case is exemplary of the dire effects that criminalizing and stigmatizing abortion can have on women's health and safety.

For women in Brazil, seeking an abortion can have extreme legal, social, and physical consequences.

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In Our Own Hands: What U.S. Women Can Learn from Self-Use of Medication Abortion Worldwide

Attorneys for Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Center for Reproductive Rights have challenged a new state regulation they argue threatens to make medication abortion unavailable in the state.

There is much we can learn from our sisters in the Global South who, rather than trying to gain access to services that all too often do not exist or fail to treat them well, are obtaining pills to induce abortion and taking them at home without seeing a health provider.

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This Week in Sex: Magical Thinking About Pregnancy, Home Herpes Testing, and Mr. Balls

Senhor Testiculo, or Mr. Balls

This week, a new study finds many young women who experienced an unintended pregnancy thought it couldn’t happen to them, a home STD test might provide false reassurance, and Mr. Balls reminds us about testicular cancer.

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Enforcement of Abortion Laws Violates Human Rights

The consequences of criminalizing abortion are severe and reason for alarm.

Ipas’s recent research in Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Malawi, and Rwanda provides concrete evidence of the human rights violations that result when law enforcement investigates, arrests, and imprisons women who have abortions.

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Young Brazilians Hope New Pope Will ‘Modernize’ Church on Social Justice Issues

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during World Youth Day 2013.

At World Youth Day in Brazil this year, I set out to get to know the audience Pope Francis would be addressing to find out their views on the Catholic Church’s teachings regarding sexuality, contraception, abortion, and homosexuality.

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Christian Right Group on an Anti-LGBTQ Crusade in Brazil

Snapshot from the Brazilian Carnival.

Brazil is a country of contradictions. It can produce both the Brazilian Carnival and house right-wing Christian empires.

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The Power of Pills: Putting Abortion Back in the Hands of Women Around the World


Fortunately for women, pills have changed the landscape of abortion. Abortion with pills, also known as medical abortion (MA), provides a safe, low cost and easy to use method to terminate pregnancies, and one to which access is increasing in several countries.

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Violence Still Prevalent Despite Progress on LGBTI Rights in Latin America

A lesbian couple kiss in Mexico City after beginning the legal process towards marriage. (Gregory Bull/AP)

After notable progress on protecting equal rights one might be excused for thinking that Latin America is an accepting and safe place to live for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people. That would be the wrong conclusion.

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Does She Really Support Reproductive Rights? Mixed Messages from Brazil’s First Female President

Will Rousseff and Brazil’s other leaders summon up the will to truly stand up for women’s rights?  Will they tackle one of the true solutions to high maternal mortality: decriminalization of abortion and measures that could effectively reduce deaths related to unsafe abortions?

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Dispatches from AWID 2012: The New World War? Fundamentalism vs. Human Rights

Fundamentalist religious movements are gaining ground everywhere we look. What does it mean for human rights, and more importantly, how can we move the human rights agenda forward, effectively? A panel of experts on religion and rights examined this question at AWID 2012.

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