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A False Choice in Virginia and Everywhere: Pitting ‘Health Care’ Against Reproductive Health Care

It was not with just a little bit of discordance when McAuliffe turned around and chose to retain the member of McDonnell's cabinet most charged with implementing his anti-choice laws: Secretary of Health and Human Resources Bill Hazel.

For one thing, health care doesn’t live up to its own name if it segregates and excludes the medical needs—including abortion, contraception, and family planning—of some because of the discriminatory belief systems of others.

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Virginia TRAP Regulations Go Into Effect

sorry we're closed sign

Signed into effect in late December after a two-year back-and-forth between the state health board and the vehemently anti-choice governor’s administration, the medically unnecessary requirements will force many clinics to invest significant amounts of money in upgrades and modifications or else close.

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First Virginia Clinic Closes as Part of Republican Leaders’ TRAP Quest


A clinic that has seen women walk through its doors for four decades is being shuttered due to a new law forcing it to either rebuild its facilities or close.

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Virginia Assembly Votes to Deny Women Ability to Purchase Private Coverage of Abortion Care

An amendment to ban abortion coverage in the Virginia exchange, even if it's paid for out-of-pocket, passed by just one vote.

An amendment to ban abortion coverage in the Virginia exchange, even if it’s paid for out-of-pocket, passed by just one vote.

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Is McDonnell Planning to Eliminate Insurance Coverage of Safe Abortion Care in Virginia?

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

Not content to remove coverage once, the governor is tacking amendments to ensure abortion coverage is really, really banned.

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McDonnell Signs TRAP Bill, Unnecessarily Restricting Women’s Access to Reproductive Health Centers

Gov. Bob McDonnell. Photo: AP Photo via Politico.

The governor will ring in the new year with a bill that could close many of the clinics in the state.

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Cuccinelli Seeking to Override Virginia Medical Board

Ken Cuccinelli. AP Photo.

Not happy that the Board of Health isn’t shutting down more Virginia abortion clinics, the Attorney General is telling them to meet again.

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In Partial Victory, Virginia Governor Suddenly Finds Medical Evidence Important, Backs Off State-Sanctioned Rape

After a year of signing laws and regulations decried by medical professionals as unnecessary and costly intrusions into the doctor-patient relationship, Bob McDonnell has suddenly found religion on medical evidence.  At least a little bit. He now says he will not sign mandatory trasn-vaginal ultrasounds into law. But he’ll restrict women’s rights other ways.

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State-Sanctioned Rape: Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Laws in Virginia, Texas, and Iowa

Depiction of a trans-vaginal ultrasound

Let’s start calling these bills what they are: state-sanctioned rape. There is no other way around it.

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Virginia Board of Health Passes Nation’s Most Restrictive and Medically-Unnecessary Regulations for Abortion Care

The Virginia Board of Health today did what most women’s health and rights advocates both feared and expected it to do by adopting medically unnecessary regulations on abortion providers in the state.

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