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Republican Massachusetts Senate Candidate Opens Up on Forced Waiting Periods

Republican Massachusetts Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez.

At Wednesday’s debate Republican candidate Gabriel Gomez gave some indication of how he would vote on reproductive health policy, a topic that he has been reluctant to discuss in detail on the campaign trail.

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In New Interview, Gabriel Gomez Again Does Not Clarify Views on Reproductive Rights

After being questioned by a Boston Globe reporter about whether he would have supported a bill last year to limit insurance coverage of contraception, Gomez refused to answer, saying "I’m not sure how much more clear I can be.”

The Republican Massachusetts Senate candidate has a track record of being somewhat ambiguous about the extent of his anti-choice beliefs.

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Women’s Labor Union Sues To Stop Missouri Law Allowing Employers to Deny Contraceptive Coverage

Edward Keenan. Photo: Missouri Watchdog.

The state legislature passed it.  The governor vetoed it.  The legislature overrode it.  Now, one labor group steps in to sue the state’s contraceptive coverage refusal law from going into effect.

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Missouri Legislature Overrides Nixon Veto of Birth Control Refusal Rights

Missouri state capitol

Both the House and the Senate voted overwhelmingly that employers and insurers should have the right to deny women contraceptive coverage in their insurance plans.

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Missouri Gov Nixon Vetoes State-Level Blunt Amendment; Legislators Fight to Override

Governor Jay Nixon. Photo: Alex Martin/PoliticMo.

Although Governor Nixon vetoed the state’s bill to allow employers to deny birth control coverage, the legislature is certain that they can override his veto tomorrow.

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Anti-Choice House Members Propose “Religious Freedom Tax Appeal Act”

Is this the House’s answer to the Senate’s Blunt Amendment?


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Missouri Version of “Blunt Amendment” Awaits Governor’s Signature

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon

The senate may not have been able to pass a bill allowing employers to decide what health insurance can or can’t cover, but the Missouri legislature may do it themselves.

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Notre Dame Sues Administration Over Birth Control

The university declares that making their insurance cover birth control violates their religious freedom.

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On Final Day of Legislature Missouri Passes Blunt-Style Contraception Amendment

Just in under the bell, any employer in Missouri can refuse to cover brth control on the company health insurance plan.

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New Hampshire House Sneaks Blunt Amendment, 20 Week Bans Onto Other Bills

More anti-choice sneak attacks in the New Hampshire legislature, as House members tack unpopular bills onto popular legislation.

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