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Family (Planning) Matters, and Over 1,000 Religious Leaders Agree. Why Does the Media Continue to Ignore Them?


We share an obligation to resist any attempts, political or religious, to restrict or deny access to family planning services. Over 1,000 religious leaders agree, and more are speaking out every day.

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Will The Proposed Religious Accommodation to the Birth Control Benefit Stem The Flood of Litigation Challenging It?

(The Inquisitr)

The Obama administration may be trying to stop the flood of litigation around the contraception benefit, but proposed changes to the religious exemption will likely do very little to do so.

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Latest Seventh Circuit Decision on Birth Control Benefit Paves Another Path to SCOTUS

(Viox Services)

Another appellate court weighs in on the birth control benefit, and in doing so makes clearer the issues the Supreme Court will be asked to resolve. But a powerful dissenting opinion underscores the real issues.

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Legal Wrap: Lawsuits Against Birth Control Benefit Continues, and Texas GOP Wants to Subsidize Businesses that Break the Law


The federal government may be moving forward with the birth control benefit, but the real action in reproductive rights remains in the states.

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So What’s the Deal with the New Contraception Mandate Rules?

On Friday, in the latest case to address the provision in the Affordable Care Act that mandates contraception coverage in employee health insurance plans, the Third Circuit ruled that the Pennsylvania-based Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation must comply.

I would argue that the new proposed rules don’t change anything for women. At all. They don’t restrict contraception access, nor do they take away contraception access previously available.

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Legal Wrap: Personhood, Statutory Rape, and the Second-Class Legal Status of Women

(Legal Advantage HR Solutions, LLC)

A handful of cases at the state level show how far women still have to go to be considered equal citizens under the law.

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Weekly Legal Roundup: Federal Courts Continue To Split On Birth Control Benefit

Birth control mandate protest in Tennessee. (USA Today)

Another ruling in the more than forty legal challenges to the contraception mandate in Obamacare shows the fight is far from over.

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Notre Dame Lawsuit Challenging Contraception Mandate Dismissed


The University can’t challenge the contraception mandate because it faces no risk of injury from it, ruled a federal court.

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Missouri Cheesemaker Wins Temporary Injunction Against ACA Birth Control Benefit

photo courtesy of steakpinball via flickr

Yet another federal court seems sympathetic to the argument that corporations have religious exercise rights.

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