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Bishops Tap Veteran of Islamophobic, Homophobic Legal Shop as Top Flack

A host of new lawsuits, including a class-action challenge, look to take down the Obama administration's compromise rule for religiously affiliated nonprofits.

In choosing Daniels as his hand-picked spokesperson, Cardinal Dolan has laid bare just how radically the U.S. Catholic Church has turned to the right in the Obama years.

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Hold On to Your Birth Control! ACLU Forecasts Big Year Ahead for Reproductive Rights

(IllustrationThinks via CNN)

Don’t expect legislators opposed to reproductive rights to tread lightly in 2013 just because voters made it clear extreme approaches to health care aren’t popular, warned the American Civil Liberties Union in a media conference call Tuesday.

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Appeals Court Keeps Contraception Challenges Alive Pending Rule Change

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A federal appeals court ordered two lawsuits challenging the contraception mandate can stay in federal court until a final religious accommodation gets worked out.

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Hobby Lobby Appeals Contraception Ruling

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Within a day of a district court judge ruling the retail craft giant needed to comply with the health care reform law Hobby Lobby asks the appeallate courts to take a look.

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Bush Appointee Rejects Hobby Lobby Arguments Against Birth Control Benefit

For the first time, a court has held that the religious rights of corporations and persons are not co-extensive. Individuals may avail themselves of constitutional protections of religious freedoms, but secular corporations may not.

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What the 2012 Election Means for Women and for Feminism

Pro-choice candidates gained big time this election cycle, while anti-choice politicians lost even more power, at least on a national level. The lesson of all this is simple: After decades of feminists arguing for women’s rights, the majority of the public is on board.

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The Right’s Position on the Birth Control Benefit is Unconstitutional. Is it Anti-Catholic, Too?

It seems outlandish to claim that the Catholic bishops’ own crusade against contraception is anti-Catholic. Still, arguments that this position is anti-Catholic seem not only well-founded but reasonable, whereas the Catholic bishops’ incessant interfering in American women’s lady-business is spectacularly unreasonable.

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If You Give It, They’ll Be Tramps: An Offensive, False, But Oft-Repeated Argument About Reproductive Health Technologies

horizontal couple with man grabbing buttocks

The argument that access to sexual health care or information causes promiscuity is offensive to women and has been proven false time and again. Yet it seems unlikely that it we will end anytime soon.

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Denying Access to Contraception: What If Interfering With Women’s Lives Is The Point?

A new Guttmacher Institute study shows that women use contraception to achieve economic and life goals, which runs up against conservatives who want to make this all about sex. But what if derailing women’s goals is the entire point?

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Changes in Reporting Methods May Be Responsible for Increased Rate of Abortion in Arizona

Jan Brewer. Photo: Brooks Canaday/Boston Herald.

It looks like one of the most anti-choice states in the nation is having a rise in its abortion rate.  But is it real?

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