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Arkansas Rally Draws Hundreds of Activists Eager to Fight for Reproductive Rights

AR prochoice rally sign

Arkansas may be on the verge of having some of the most restrictive reproductive health laws in the country, but the activists fighting those laws are just getting started.

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Arkansas to Increase ‘Conscience’ Protections, Add Telemed Ban

Republican Senator Missy Irwin just introduced SB 913, a bill banning telemed abortions in the state.

If the Arkansas legislature had a motto for its 2013 session, it would probably be “Want to have sex? Make babies.”

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Arkansas Legislature Overrides 12-Week Ban Veto—Now What?

Now that the most restrictive abortion ban in the country is about to become law, what happens next?

The question now is whether the ban will go into effect in June, or if it is enjoined while the legal challenges occur.

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Gov. Beebe Vetoes Unconstitutional Heartbeat Abortion Ban, Will Legislature Override Again?

Governor Mike Beebe.

The governor has used the same argument to veto the even more restrictive 12-week ban. Will the legislature override him anyway?

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Arkansas Senate Passes Unconstitutional 20-Week Ban, House Committee Passes Unconstitutional Heartbeat Ban

The Arkansas Senate passed a 20 week ban, sending it back to the House then on to the governor.

The Senate passes a 20 week ban, sending it back to the House then on to the governor.

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Arkansas Heartbeat Ban Fails in Committee; Too Strict for Some, Too Lenient for Others

Sen. Jason Rapert, R-Conway, right, speaks during a news conference at the Arkansas state Capitol in Little Rock, Ark., Monday, Feb. 4, 2013.

The heartbeat ban may be stuck in committee. Why? It’s not strict enough.

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Passage of Arkansas Heartbeat Ban Looking Less Likely, Despite “Compromise”

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe. (US News)

The ban has been tabled. Could that be a positive sign?

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Arkansas House Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban with No Exceptions

Arkansas House meeting on Monday, 02/04/13. (Lee Hogan/Arkansas Online)

Rape, incest, and fetal anomalies aren’t good enough reasons for an abortion after 20 weeks in Arkansas, according to the House.

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Arkansas Heartbeat Ban Passes Senate Committee

Lori Williams, Little Rock Family Planning nurse practitioner, testifies against the bill. (John Lyon/AR News Bureau)

A combination of bills would leave effectively no options for women in the state.

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