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Michigan Omnibus Abortion Bill Likely On Hold Until After Election

Crowd gathered on Michigan Capitol stairs after "vagina" controversy in June. Photo: Think Progress.

The senate will probably not debate the bill until after the votes are tallied.

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Michigan Senate Prepares to Vote For Omnibus Anti-Abortion Superbill

A clever sign at a reading of The Vagina Monologues on the steps of the Michigan capitol.

The restrictive collection of TRAP laws and bans could be voted on as early as August 15th.

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Michigan Anti-Abortion “Super-Bill” Becomes Campaign Issue in State House Race

Holly Hughes. [img src]

One female representative’s vote could become a key issue as she runs for re-election.

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Rep Silenced For Vagina Comment Now Performing Vagina Monologue

Lisa Brown. [orgnl img src]

Brown may have been silenced in the capitol, but now she’s taken her voice to the capitol steps in protest.

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