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Louisiana Legislature Sends Omnibus Anti-Abortion Bill to Gov. Jindal, Reproductive Rights Advocates Call for Boycott

In response to the passage of the legislation, reproductive rights advocates have called for boycotting the state.

Without any debate, the Louisiana House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday that would impose regulations aimed at severely limiting access to abortion. It is expected to be signed by Gov. Bobby Jindal.

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Michigan Omnibus Abortion Bill Likely On Hold Until After Election

Crowd gathered on Michigan Capitol stairs after "vagina" controversy in June. Photo: Think Progress.

The senate will probably not debate the bill until after the votes are tallied.

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Michigan Senate Prepares to Vote For Omnibus Anti-Abortion Superbill

A clever sign at a reading of The Vagina Monologues on the steps of the Michigan capitol.

The restrictive collection of TRAP laws and bans could be voted on as early as August 15th.

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Michigan Anti-Abortion “Super-Bill” Becomes Campaign Issue in State House Race

Holly Hughes. [img src]

One female representative’s vote could become a key issue as she runs for re-election.

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Rep Silenced For Vagina Comment Now Performing Vagina Monologue

Lisa Brown. [orgnl img src]

Brown may have been silenced in the capitol, but now she’s taken her voice to the capitol steps in protest.

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