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North Dakota Heartbeat Ban: Will the Governor Sign? And Does it Matter?

North Carolina Governor Jack Dalrymple

The governor of North Dakota has three days to sign a heartbeat ban into law, but that might not matter. Even among anti-choice legal experts, it’s a given that the bill won’t ever stop anyone from getting an abortion.

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Oklahoma Tightens Rules on Parental Consent and Judicial Bypass at AUL’s Request

parental permission slip

Oklahoma teens are the latest target of Americans United for Life’s quest to cut off abortion access.

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Chipping Away at Exceptions: Forced Birth for Fetal Anomalies

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 10.15.53 AM

They say it’s about compassion, eugenics, diversity. But in reality, isn’t it just about chipping away at abortion rights any way that they can?

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Which State Will Be “Most Protective” In 2013?


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the “most protective” state of all?

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Texas Abortion Drug Bill Could Mean More Side Effects and Higher Costs

A pharmacist with Mifepristone.

A GOP lawmaker is looking to make Texas the latest state to restrict the use of abortion medications in a way that some experts warn could increase the drugs’ side effects while making them more expensive.

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Americans United for Life: Abortion Must Be Made Illegal So Women Can Prove They Can Have It All

Shannon Kelley, author, public relations pro and mother. (NYT file photo)

During a press conference mourning 40 years of legal abortion, AUL bemoans a woman’s inability to prove she can have children and a career.

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Yoest: Arizona 20-Week Gestational Ban Written With Kennedy In Mind

Charmaine Yoest. Photo: Americans United for Life.

The anti-choice advocate is ready to see just how much the Supreme Court’s swing vote is willing to “protect” women.

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Charmaine Yoest Tries to Give the War on Women a Pleasant Face

Emily Bazelon profiles Charmaine Yoest in the New York Times Magazine. Yoest knows that the anti-choice movement needs to improve its reputation, but despite this, she can’t give up on the overt sexism and the anti-contraception sentiments.

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Perry Will Co-Chair Americans United For Life Fundraiser

The newly announced presidential candidate is now reminding everyone of his anti-choice chops.

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Americans United For Life Asks Planned Parenthood When It Stopped Beating Its Wife

The anti-choice group publishes a 181 page diatribe of allegations of wrongdoing against Planned Parenthood, demading a congressional investigation.

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