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Wisconsin Right to Life Claims Anti-Choice Legislation Supported by ‘Tons’ of Unnamed Doctors

gavel with pile of books and pills

According to the anti-choice action group, “tons of doctors” approve of the new anti-choice bills mandating how physicians interact with patients. But national and state physicians’ groups are not on board.

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Wisconsin Legislators Gathering Sponsors for Forced Ultrasound Bill With TRAP Provision

Family members of a Texas teen who sued her parents in an effort to be declared an emancipated minor, alleging that the family pressured her into obtaining an abortion, now say she was manipulated by an anti-choice legal group.

Anti-choice politicians in Wisconsin are gathering sponsors for “Sonya’s Law,” an anti-choice bill named after a woman who chose to continue a pregnancy after receiving an ultrasound.

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Ohio Shows How an ‘Admitting Privileges’ Requirement Can Become a Backdoor Abortion Ban

A federal judge has declared part of Texas' abortion law to be unconstitutional, blocking a provision that requires abortion providers to secure admitting privileges at hospitals within 30 miles of where they perform abortion procedures.

First you make it so abortion clinics are unable to operate unless they work with a hospital. Then you harass the hospitals that work with them.

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North Carolina Legislature Proposes TRAP Law Requiring Unnecessary Admitting Privileges

North Carolina governor Pat McCrory

The governor promised he would not sign any new abortion restrictions. Will he keep his word?

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North Dakota Senate Passes TRAP Law, So-Called Personhood Amendment

Tammi Kromenaker, director of Fargo’s Red River Women’s Clinic, testifies before the HHS Committee 01/31/13. (AP Photo)

Are women in North Dakota the next to lose all access to safe abortion care?

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In Alabama, Government Interference is Anathema, Except When it Comes to Women’s Rights

While the state faces a heath care crisis, its legislators are focused on sprinklers.

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Five of Seven Mississippi Hospitals that Denied Admitting Privileges to JWHO Doctors Now Under Investigation for Misuse of ERs

The Jackson Women's Health Organization (Trip Burns/Jackson Free Press)

The chain of hospitals that was afraid to offer admitting privileges to doctors who performed abortions are being investigated for their own potentially corrupt emergency room practices.

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Mississippi Clinic Denied Hospital Admitting Privileges Mandated by TRAP Law

Protesters outside the clinic. Photo: Rogelio V. Solis/The Associated Press via The Times Picune.

Almost every hospital has responded, and all are saying “no.”


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Judge To Hear Mississippi TRAP Law is Republican, But Does That Matter?

On Wednesday we will learn if Mississippi’s TRAP law will go into effect, shutting down the state’s only public abortion clinic.  But does the fact that the judge is a GOP party leader matter?

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Mississippi’s Last Abortion Clinic Still Struggling To Get Admitting Privileges

(img src)

If they do not receive privileges by July 1st when the state’s new law goes into effect, they will no longer be allowed to perform abortions.

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