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Move Over, Arkansas, North Dakota Is Ready to Outdo You on Anti-Choice Extremism

North Dakota flag

Arkansas’s brief moment as the most anti-choice state in the country is about to end as North Dakota anti-choice extremists push forward on several bills.

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Indiana Right to Life Claims RU-486 ‘Dangerous,’ ‘Unlike Tylenol’

Tylenol rapid release pills.

In fact, the FDA reported 458 deaths and 26,000 hospitalizations from taking acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol. There have been 14 deaths and 614 hospitalizations linked to RU-468.

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Christian Right Group on an Anti-LGBTQ Crusade in Brazil

Snapshot from the Brazilian Carnival.

Brazil is a country of contradictions. It can produce both the Brazilian Carnival and house right-wing Christian empires.

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Kansas Law Banning Private Insurance Coverage for Abortion Will Stand

(Alamy via The Huffington Post)

The ACLU has dropped its legal challenge to a Kansas law prohibiting private insurance from covering the cost of abortions.

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Hold On to Your Birth Control! ACLU Forecasts Big Year Ahead for Reproductive Rights

(IllustrationThinks via CNN)

Don’t expect legislators opposed to reproductive rights to tread lightly in 2013 just because voters made it clear extreme approaches to health care aren’t popular, warned the American Civil Liberties Union in a media conference call Tuesday.

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State Court Temporarily Blocks Georgia’s 20 Week Abortion Ban

Judge Doris Downs. Photo: The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

A state court judge ruled the state of Georgia could not ban abortions pre-viabilty.

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Illinois Consent Decree Important Step For Transgender Individuals Seeking Birth Certificate Changes

photo courtesy of penelope waits

A lawsuit filed by the ACLU brings an important change to Illinois rules regarding birth certificate changes.

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State-Level Fights for Comprehensive Sex Ed Reveal Legal Strategies Must Be Rooted in Grassroots Advocacy

Parents in California have joined two organizations in suing the Clovis Unified School District over its sex-ed program. The majority of these controversies are over kids getting too much information. But this lawsuit argues that kids are not getting enough. Are lawsuits a good strategy for sex-ed advocacy?

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The Lesson of Delhi Charter School: It’s Time to Truly Support Pregnant and Parenting Teens

This week all eyes turned to the Delhi Charter School, which rescinded a policy that grossly discriminated against female students. This situation underscores how ineffective we are at supporting pregnant and parenting teens.

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Delhi Charter School To Discontinue Practice of Forced Pregnancy Testing and Discrimination

[img src]

In the face of major backlash, the school has decided to reverse its discriminatory policy.

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